Sunday, 4 December 2016

Feeding A Toddler

Weaning has taken such a different turn over the past year and of course, it's been our first time in the whole weaning experience. Thankfully we've been working with Hipp Organic over the past year and their nutritionist, Helen Gardiner. The information that they have provided has been crucial for reassurance that we're doing it right.

If you're looking for tips and hints on how to deal with feeding a fussy toddler, Hipp has some information on their site here, along with vitamins and supplements, One thing that I struggle with right now is portion sizes. As Grace is at nursery, I rarely get to feed her myself at the moment, but I leave her with food and never know if it's far too much.

Her leg always has to be on the tray during every meal! Makes for very messy eating..

Did you know that the average toddler need to eat roughly 95 kcal per kg of body weight?
I certainly didn't. I find it hard to judge and also depends how much of an appetite your little one has. Grace has a pretty big one and I'm sure she'd keep going and gong if I let her! For more information on portion sizes, check out this link:

I'm trying to keep a great relationship with Grace surrounding food in the hope she doesn't turn into a fussy toddler, but there are days when she's ill or simply doesn't fancy food (just like us!), I try not to worry and keep offering her water until she's ready to eat again. Soon enough we'll be beginning our weaning journey all over again with baby #2!

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