Thursday, 26 May 2016

Hipp Organic New Porridge Range

Hipp Organic New Porridge Range

One of the many stresses about weaning; in particular on the go products, is frantically dissecting each ingredient on packaging to check the allergy information. It can be really frustrating when a product isn't overly clear, although most products are in bold and clearly show 'may contain x' when an ingredient may be present. In case you're new to the blog, my 8 month old daughter, Grace, has a dairy allergy. As a result, we are dairy free weaning and eliminated it from her diet at around 8 weeks old.

The main meal that I struggle to maximise variety with is breakfast. Grace usually has porridge for breakfast every day with finger foods like fruit added in between. When Hipp Organic contacted me to inform me of their new porridge pouches for on the go I was delighted! One thing you'll know if you have a baby is that it's a huge struggle to go anywhere with your baby and I love to get out every day for both me and Grace.

I am guilty of relying heavily on pouches and jars to get us through the day when I don't always have the time to batch cook meals. There are so many options for lunch and dinner time for when we're out for the day, but breakfast and dairy free weaning doesn't seem to go too well.

Hipp Organic New Porridge Range

Hipp sent us their new porridge pouches range which are suitable for 6 months+ and they come in three tasty flavours, Fruity Porridge, Apple & Peach Porridge and Pear, Apple & Apricot Porridge. The pouches hit the shelves on 1st June in Tesco and 13th June in Waitrose if you'd like to try them out for yourself!

Hipp are also launching two new cereals for 15 months+ babies; Fruity O's and Fruity Muesli with crispy ducks. These products contain no added sugars (only naturally occurring ones) and are packed full of fruit and multigrain. To ensure the best taste for babies, HiPP select special varieties of fruits & vegetables which are naturally low in acid content & high in nutrients. To ensure optimum flavour they are given time to ripen naturally and harvested at their plumpest & sweetest. These products may contain milk, so it's worth noting if your child also has an allergy/intolerance. 

Grace loves her fruity porridge! Her favourite is Apple & Peach! 
Now that Grace is onto the second and third stage of weaning, we are adding as many finger foods and lumps into her diet as possible. She would happily have the smooth puree form, but still takes to lumps very well. She's far from fussy at this stage and I'm desperately hoping this will continue, although I can tell she much prefers sweet tasting things. I have been also mixing the pouches with her regular porridge and she loves that too.

Once again, I am lucky enough to give one of you the chance to win a Hipp Organic hamper, full of goodies including a selection of their new products! All you have to do is enter the giveaway using the Gleam widget below. I will be moderating all entries and voiding those that enter incorrectly!

Hipp Organic Hamper Giveaway

Please make sure to comment/tweet including my links so I can see your entries and good luck everyone!

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