Saturday, 23 April 2016

Stage 2 Weaning Update - Lumps

A lot has changed since my last update, which wasn't an awful long time ago! Weaning seems to be quickly progressing, as Grace takes everything in her stride. She's had a really wide variety of foods such as meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and even her first dairy free Easter egg! I'm yet to find something that she won't eat, or refuse, which is really positive!

We are now on stage 2 so more and more lumps have been introduced. At first, she was very confused as she was used to smooth purees for a couple of months, then around 6 months we moved on to stage 2 weaning, since she'd already been weaned for around a month and a half and after discussions with our Health Visitor, we decided it was a good time to introduce lumps.

Hipp Organic Fruit & Pieces

Normally babies are introduced to lumps around 7 months, it helps babies to get used to lumps and learn those important chewing skills for later! It's also important to note that at this age, the more variety that is included in their diets the better. Hipp have included a whole guide on lumps to clarify when to start, and how. Read more about that here. Since we use a lot of Hipp Organic jars in our daily routine, it's brilliant that they have around 40 different recipes for stage 2 weaning. It makes life so much easier when mum life is just too hectic.

Stage 2 Weaning Update - Lumps
Second taste of watermelon, despite the hilarious faces that she pulled, she still managed to devour 2 slices! (also ignore the mess)
Hipp have 160g and 190g jars. as well as 130g savoury pouches and fruit pots. Grace's favourite for sure are the fruit pots with larger pieces of fruit to chew and swallow with ease. They have tiny little pieces to encourage chewing, along with larger portion sizes to keep up with the demand of their tiny tummies.

Just in case you are anxious about the introduction of lumps, St Johns Ambulance have provided Hipp with choking advice, that will hopefully help your confidence. My advice would be to keep as calm as possible throughout the whole process and if possible, have somebody with you while you start for a few meals. Babies can sense when you're anxious, so it's always best to remain calm.

I'm looking forward to the next stage and incorporating even more finger foods, lumps and Grace's meals looking like 'proper meals'. How did you find your little one's adapted to the next stages of weaning?

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