Friday, 15 April 2016

Grace's 6-7 Months Update

Grace is now 7 1/2 months so I'm a bit behind with posting this, but bear with me! 6 months was a pivotal point in her development so far and also how I've been coping as a mum too. I found the first few months extremely hard whilst recovering from major surgery, problems with Grace and my own personal battle with trying to be a mum and housewife.

6 months just seemed to change and began to get a bit easier all round (although I'm certain I'll jinx it now!). It still takes me all day to get out of the house, but I'm finally getting faster at getting us both ready. 6 months was another pivotal point in Grace's life as it was the first time that her dad went away for a long time. She soon adapted to being without her dad, but for me, it was extremely difficult. Now that he's back again she's back to being a complete daddy's girl, although she still doesn't get to see him much, that's a story for another day!

Time feels like it's speeding up even more and now she's pushing closer to 8 months I just wish it would slow down. She's always been miss independent but this month I found her increasingly wanting to do everything herself.


  • Gives kisses and cuddles
  • Backwards crawls
  • Puts her dummy back in (and anything else she wants in her mouth)
  • Tries to bum shuffle to get to where she wants to be
  • Cut her third tooth at the top 
  • Is still in 6-9 months clothing
  • Has started to sleep much better and is capable of sleeping through now yay!
  • Weighed 18lbs 2oz on 21/02 at 29 weeks old
  • Loves to be mischevious, she loves the tv remote, mummy's phone and trying to grab anything she knows she's not allowed!
  • Loves to grab the cats when they walk by - poor cats!
Weaning is still going extremely well, this week we've seen our consultant and also the dietician for the first time to combine information and see how we can help Grace's reflux and CMPA (cows milk protein allergy). Our hospital trust no longer test for CMPA directly through blood tests or skin pricks, so the only way to tell how she's doing is by process of elimination. 

We'll see how she gets on over the next few months, but the dietician has advised to attempt the bottom stage of the milk ladder once we feel confident, as close to 1 years old as possible as research shows that they rarely grow out of it by this age.

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