Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Baby Girl Clothing Haul

John Lewis Baby Bird Print Mac
John Lewis Baby Bird Print Mac - Currently £12 in the sale here!
The style that I always had in mind has definitely evolved since Grace was born and some things I bought I found didn't suit her as much as I envisioned whilst pregnant. That sounds terrible, but she suits some colours more than others due to her complexion! My friends are terrible enablers (let's blame them) and as soon as I hear about a sale, I'm there.

Grace is 8 months next week and she's growing day by day and so is her wardrobe as a result. I'm now on the hunt for Summer 9-12 month clothing and Winter 12-18 month clothing. I'm incredibly lucky that my Mother-in-law has a fantastic eye for clothing and knows my tastes remarkably. She's also a dab hand at making clothing for Grace too, so I've got plenty of her lovely bespoke items!

Mamas & Papas Rain Jacket
Mamas & Papas Rain Jacket - £24 here. (it is in the boys section but I'm confident girls can pull this off too!)

The yellow coat was a gift from grandma after she saw it in Mamas and Papas, it's gorgeous and not something I normally pick up but I'm glad she has as it's lovely and amazing quality. You may already spy the elephant dress if you follow my instagram, Grace already has another of this in a smaller size that she's outgrown so her grandma made another one for her. It's a beautiful print and she really suits grey.

Boots Mini Club Girls Haul
Top L-R: Tunic Elephant £6 here, Pink Giraffe Tunic £6 here
Bottom L-R: Pineapple Tunic £6 here, Seagulls Tunic £6 here (currently 2 for £8 on the Boots website!)
These 4 gorgeous dresses were all from Boots, they have some amazing deals at times and I saw these and just couldn't resist ordering them into my local store. At 2 for £8 they're a steal! I got them in 12-18 and 18-24 months as I have more than enough dresses for the next couple of clothes sizes, and at the rate Grace grows I cannot be sure what size she'll be in from month to month!

So that's my latest haul, I also have a few Gap items that I got in the sale a couple of weeks ago that I hope to post about soon.

Is it just me that can't stop baby shopping? Let me know your favourite baby clothing shops in the comments/tweet me, I'm always on the hunt for new excuses to visit different shops!

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