Thursday, 10 March 2016

Grace's 5-6 Months Update

Half a year old! My newborn is no more and Grace is turning into quite the little lady (madam!). I can't remember life without her and she certainly keeps me busy, which I love! She makes me laugh all day with her little mannerisms and rapidly changes day to day.

She's doing so well, so here's her latest update at 6 months old. See the last update here to see how she has changed.

  • Can sit up unaided (but still has the occasional fall)
  • Weighed 17lbs 5oz at 24 weeks
  • Still doesn't sleep through..but we're working on it. Wakes around 1-2 times post dream feed
  • Loves all food and has started on finger foods
  • Has started to "talk" more at people
  • Has a few go's at crawling forward one or two steps but hasn't got the hang of it. Can spin 180 degrees by using her hands and feet
  • Is on the second stage of weaning, lumpier purees alongside finger foods
  • Is in 6-9 month clothing
  • Loves Peppa Pig!

She's at the crucial stage now where I can feel her rapidly progressing and wanting to do more than she can, and soon enough she'll be able to do all of those things. When I get free time I'm scrapbooking all of the memories so I don't miss a thing. I can't wait for the next milestone of saying her first word. Let's hope it's mama...!

Also, I'm looking at upgrading to the next car seat group (rear facing/combination) but am completely overwhelmed at the choice. Does anybody have any recommendations?

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