Saturday, 26 March 2016

The Moment We Tried..

It's been 2 months since we started weaning and we are now onto the second stage of solids; which means more lumps being introduced, as well as finger foods. Grace has tried a whole host of foods to increase her dietary intake and prevent her from being a fussy eater later on like her mummy!

With every new taste comes funny faces. Even now, when she isn't expecting a particular flavour she has a look of disgust on her face which makes me laugh, but then opens her mouth ready for more. For a while, she decided she hated porridge but as she has gotten older and the more times I have given it, she's decided she likes it now. It takes around 10 times to repeatedly give a food to confirm whether they like it or not.

The moment we tried meat - Hipp Organic's My First Sunday Lunch.
On first taste she wasn't so sure but quickly decided she loved the taste of turkey and wanted more!
From the minute we started weaning I made sure to start with savoury foods (vegetables mainly), so not to start on an instant sweet tooth. At first, she was very open to all tastes but now she knows what she likes and dislikes, she will always prefer sweet over savoury. Wonder where she gets that from..? Guilty. It's important to check that the savoury food you give to your little ones don't include hidden sugars, which is where Hipp Organic comes in. At HiPP Organic, they only add sugars to recipes that you would add sugar to if you were preparing the recipes yourself (such as custard), and they control the amount of sugar in all their baby foods very carefully as it’s important savoury foods do not contain hidden sugars from fruit.

The fruits & vegetables used in HiPP Organic jars and pouches are grown on dedicated organic farms, where they are left to ripen naturally and harvested at their plumpest & sweetest. These organic ingredients are then gently steam cooked to protect the nutrients and keep every ounce of flavour to provide babies with the best possible start to weaning and beyond.

The moment we tried melon. She wasn't the biggest fan, so I tried it in a mesh food feeder which made it easier to eat - albeit very slippery!

The moment we tried toast. Grace loves toast now and gets better eating it every time! The texture confused her at first, but now she's learnt to use her teeth to help her.

We're constantly trying new foods and I love experimenting with different flavours and combining them.


Are you currently weaning your little one? Want to be in with a chance to win a sweet & savoury bundle from Hipp Organic? Enter the competition using the Gleam form below for your chance to win! For an extra point, tweet a photo of the moment your little one tried a new flavour. Don't forget to tag @PaulaMakeup_, and @HippOrganic using the hashtag #themomentwetried.

Good luck everyone!

Hipp Organic Sweet & Savoury Bundle Competition

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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Grace's 5-6 Months Update

Half a year old! My newborn is no more and Grace is turning into quite the little lady (madam!). I can't remember life without her and she certainly keeps me busy, which I love! She makes me laugh all day with her little mannerisms and rapidly changes day to day.

She's doing so well, so here's her latest update at 6 months old. See the last update here to see how she has changed.

  • Can sit up unaided (but still has the occasional fall)
  • Weighed 17lbs 5oz at 24 weeks
  • Still doesn't sleep through..but we're working on it. Wakes around 1-2 times post dream feed
  • Loves all food and has started on finger foods
  • Has started to "talk" more at people
  • Has a few go's at crawling forward one or two steps but hasn't got the hang of it. Can spin 180 degrees by using her hands and feet
  • Is on the second stage of weaning, lumpier purees alongside finger foods
  • Is in 6-9 month clothing
  • Loves Peppa Pig!

She's at the crucial stage now where I can feel her rapidly progressing and wanting to do more than she can, and soon enough she'll be able to do all of those things. When I get free time I'm scrapbooking all of the memories so I don't miss a thing. I can't wait for the next milestone of saying her first word. Let's hope it's mama...!

Also, I'm looking at upgrading to the next car seat group (rear facing/combination) but am completely overwhelmed at the choice. Does anybody have any recommendations?

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