Friday, 26 February 2016

Weaning With Allergies

One thing that I really want to help educate people on (although certainly no expert myself!) is allergies vs intolerances. It wasn't a topic I was too clued up on before having children and was in the bracket that now annoys me, of the uneducated sort that put both allergies and intolerances in the same category. They are completely different and one is more harmful than the other, so in this post, I want to talk about what we've found in our allergy experience.

Grace is never a fan of an empty bowl!
Unless you're new to this post, you may know that Grace has been diagnosed with having a cow milk protein allergy. It's thought that as many as 1 in 4 people are affected by some form of allergy, and about half of these are children. Grace's allergy was discovered after a few weeks of difficulties following birth, she began to come out in hives followed by eczema (which neither myself or my husband suffer with), along with a lot of tummy problems.

Always eyeing up her next spoonful!
Intolerance symptoms are usually bloating, excess wind, general discomfort and diarrhoea but if you suspect your baby has any of these symptoms, please speak with your GP to discuss this further. An allergic reaction is when you react to a protein in a food and it involves the immune system. The common food proteins that can cause a reaction include peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish, cow’s milk, eggs, soya and wheat. It isn’t really known what causes most food intolerances, but lactose (milk sugar) intolerance is due to having less of the enzyme in your body which breaks it down.

Working alongside Hipp Organic, their nutritionist Helen has a great deal of experience and information with allergies and you can find a lot of this on the Hipp Organic website. Use the Quick Find search tool on the site to see which products are suitable for your dietary needs. I find the tool so handy when I'm trying to look which products are suitable for Grace, I wish that there were free-from sections in the baby weaning aisles, it would save me so much time hunting through the ingredients!

Have you had any experience with weaning with allergies? I'd love to hear any tips in the comments about what you found on your journey.

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