Saturday, 20 February 2016

Weaning Month 1

Weaning is well under way now and we've just completed our first month of solids. Grace is now fully adapted to solid food and knows what she likes and dislikes. She much prefers solid food to milk so it's been a fun experiment. Here's how we've got on in the past month:

As I've mentioned in my previous posts, we are involved in the Hipp Organic Wean Team so for Grace's solids, we use a combination of homemade food as well as Hipp Organic jars and pouches whilst on the go. Grace is 5 1/2 months so we're still on purees, mainly single tastes, but also combining familiar flavours.

In the first month, we started with baby rice at lunchtime twice a day for a fortnight. It helped to adapt to the texture and consistency and wasn't a huge jump from liquid to flavours. After 2 weeks we then introduced dinner and stuck to just fruits and vegetables. Due to Grace's reflux and milk allergy, we were already well researched on the foods to be wary of or avoid completely.

We're slowly introducing more variety of foods including meat over the next few weeks in month 2, before working our way up to more lumpy solids gradually. She's been coping well with the technique of opening her mouth and swallowing easily, but it did take around a week for her to get to the stage that she'd open her mouth as she saw the spoon heading towards her mouth.

Grace loves food and is becoming more aware of the different tastes. She still pulls the disgusted face at the start of each meal which makes me laugh, but then realises she actually likes it and by the end, she's looking for more. She'd happily have fruit for every meal, so I make sure to give more vegetables to ensure she doesn't start to refuse them and just go for the sweet option.

We started the third meal of the day on the fourth week after slowly introducing each meal time, starting with lunch time and lastly introducing breakfast. She has absorbed the whole weaning process and I'm really proud of how well she's taken to it! 

I'll do another update following the next month but stay tuned for a post specifically targeted at how we're coping with regards to Grace's allergy.

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