Friday, 22 January 2016


On Sunday, we began the minefield journey that is weaning. For those of you that are new or haven't kept up with our journey so far, Grace has a suspected Cows Milk Protein Allergy and reflux which has caused her discomfort from birth. Due to this, we've had endless doctors and hospital trips which I am still yet to discuss in depth, but will do another blog post on that soon.

Grace is now 4 1/2 months old (5 months next week) and alongside the advice of her consultant, we've decided to start weaning her earlier than the recommended 6 months guideline. The reason for this is that as she is struggling badly with acid reflux, she's unable to keep liquids down, so solid foods should hopefully balance that out and allow her to be fuller for longer.

You may remember that I mentioned in my last post that we are now part of the Hipp Organic Wean Team for 2016 which allows us to explore a lot of their range. With the help of the Hipp Nutritionist Helen, they have provided us with some of their products suitable for Grace to try out.

For Grace's first tastes, we went with baby rice mixed with her usual prescription milk. Apart from the initial funny faces that she pulled, she absolutely loved it. We did it around lunchtime as this is the happiest time of the day and she's the most alert and it's been working well for her one meal a day. We did that for a further 3 days before progressing onto the latest meal today which was banana mixed with the baby rice. To allow us to see any possible reactions, we're allowing 48-72 hours between each single ingredient puree before moving onto another flavour.

We're going to try carrots, parsnips and sweet potato next and take it from there. We have a lot of recipes lined up and I can't wait to get cooking lots of things for her as cooking in general is completely new to me! I'll keep you all updated with our journey to see how well Grace gets on with her dairy free diet.

If you have any weaning tips at all, please let me know in the comments as I'm always intrigued to hear your opinions.

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  1. It's so exciting seeing their little faces after their first tastes! I really really hope it helps, there's nothing worse than seeing your baby upset and in pain xx

  2. Aw bless you both. Her condition must make it a bit more daunting trying something new. I'm anxious enough as it is!

    I recently blogged about the start of our weaning journey which you may find useful...


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