Monday, 4 January 2016

New Years Goals

Now that 2016 is in full swing, I've been having a thought about what I want to achieve this year. I'm not usually one for New Years Resolutions, as I'm always destined for failure. But this year, there's a lot of things to tick off my list so I'm hoping by writing them down and publicly, it'll motivate me to stick to them!

  • Put my phone down more. It's too easy to multi-task when spending the days with Grace and I'm guilty of feeding whilst texting and browsing. I feel guilty that she doesn't always have my undivided attention so this year I vow to see the memories through my eyes, not just through my camera lens. My husband also has even less time with me so for his sake, I vow to put down my laptop and phone and spend quality time together.
  • Stay hydrated. A common one, but one that is well needed. During pregnancy I had a better excuse to stay hydrated and in the heat, it was far easier to keep drinking water. Now that Grace is here. I've been slack with it and forget to drink a lot of the day.
  • Get dressed every day. Another one that you must think what, you don't get dressed every day? Having a baby means most days are spent in my pyjamas when we don't leave the house. A simple one that makes me feel better, as well as not scaring the delivery drivers quite as much.
  • Comment on and read more blogs. I've been out of the loop since Grace was born, not having much time to sit on Twitter for hours on end or read blogs anymore. But now I am finally managing my time better, I want to get back into reading blogs again. 
  • Make more of an effort. A general one but I've been super lazy the last quarter of the year and need to change. It ties in with the other goals quite well.
  • Keep fit. An obvious one every person has each year I'm sure. I need to shift the excess baby fat and put down the fatty, quick energy snacks. 
These are my main ones, with a few other personal ones in between too. I'd love to read your New Years Resolutions to give me some inspiration for any that I'm lacking!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Leave a comment with what your goals are, or if you have blogged about yours too then feel free to send me the link.

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  1. I nodded along to every one of these honey! Happy New Year xx

    1. Let's hope we stick to at least half of them haha. Happy New Year to you all too! xx

  2. Get dressed every day! maybe I have to add this to my list too...

    1. It sounds so simple but it's really easy not to. Hopefully I will stick to it! x

  3. You've read my mind with all of these! When working from home it's so easy to stay in my pjs and not bother to look presentable. Which is fine til your next door neighbours pop round for some reason and you feel like a complete slob! I've decided I have to look presentable by at least 10am every day ha xx

  4. Hiya. I just dropped by to say that I love your blog and included it in my list of recommended blogs to follow in a recent post :)


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