Sunday, 22 November 2015

Mama Mio

Long time no blog! I've missed you all! We've had a bit of a rollercoaster month with Grace being in and out of doctors and hospital again, so I've been focussing on my girl getting better and being 100% again. She's good on the whole and advancing well, that can be saved for another post as it'll be quite a lengthy one!


Mama Mio got in touch to see if I wanted to try their products and see if they helped. I am now 11 weeks post-partum, so this is a first impressions post as products like these will usually take months to show true results. I will do an update as I can see any changes in my post-partum body, but for now here are my first impressions.

When I was reaching the end of my pregnancy, you may have remembered me mention how bad my stretchmarks were and how I was worried how they would be after having Grace. I've been trialling numerous products from the start of my pregnancy, but unfortunately, nothing has helped combat them.
mama mio pregnancy
Mama Mio 
The Tummy Rub Oil | Megamama | Goodbye Stretch Marks | The Tummy Rub Butter
The Tummy Rub Oil(*), £27 - 120ml

This product is so much nicer than Bio-Oil! It's not as greasy and although I'm not a fan personally of the Mama Mio scent across the range, it doesn't linger which is good for me which is a bonus! I do believe that oils are better at combating problems such as stretch-marks and dry skin, as they soak in better.

I use this product last thing at night time before bed as it takes a while to soak in during the day when I'm in a rush. By the time I wake up for my first feed, it's soaked in significantly and I don't need to be careful about getting it all over my pyjamas.

Megamama - Super Rich Omega Body Lotion(*), £24.50 - 150ml

My least preffered product of all the Mama Mio ones that I tried. I prefer 'target' products and since I have a lot of areas that I want to tackle, an all over body lotion doesn't cut it right now. My skin is the dryest it's ever been and I don't have the time to do a full body moisturisation, so a quick moisturisation is as good as it gets right now!

As with all of the other products, this soaks in very quickly and smells exactly the same. I've been using this after a shower as an overall quick moisturisation, using the other products to target my stretch-marks on my legs, tummy and hips.

Goodbye Stretch Marks(*), £45.00 - 100ml

This is my favourite product! It soaks in very quickly and most of all, it may sound stupid and I'm sure a lot of people will agree, but as soon as a product says it helps stretch-marks, I feel like it's going to work more than other products. The packaging says to use 3x a day for 12 weeks for maximum benefits. As I'm sure a lot of new mums will agree, 3 times a day is very unrealistic therefore I haven't seen any changes just yet!

The Tummy Rub Butter(*), £23.50 - 120g

I love body butters in all form. They are generally quite thick and take a while to soak in, but this is more like a lotion. It's a lovely whipped sort of texture and soaks in fast, so is great for a quick post-shower moisturiser. I focus on my tummy but also use it on my legs too, my target areas.              

Overall my tummy post-caesarean is still very numb so can be quite tricky to apply and slightly uncomfortable too. Mama Mio are by the the best pregnancy brand I've come across, both in products and advice when I have spoken with them on social media.

I would absolutely re-purchase the Goodbye Stretch Marks product if I see an improvement in my skin! I will do an update post in a few months time to let you know how I've gotten on!

Hope you're all doing well. Make sure to keep updated more regularly on my Instagram in between posts for what I'm up to.

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