Sunday, 25 October 2015

Grace's One Month Update

Sorry for the hugely late post! Life with a newborn is completely hectic and most days I forget to eat and drink when it's just myself and the little one!

Grace is now 7 weeks old and the difference in her since she was born is huge! Her first month of life was a huge rollercoaster so I'll try to keep it short and sweet. So once we were discharged from hospital on day 2, I couldn't wait to get home and was probably a bit too eager to get back so rushed through the checks despite being far from confident with breastfeeding.

My parents came the following day after we got home and we had dinner and then got Grace to sleep and everything was going well. Then suddenly while I was in another room, I heard my Mum shout and Ollie (my husband) also run into the room. Grace had started choking and stopped breathing for a short moment. We were petrified. What was wrong with our baby? This was the third time this had happened, the first two times we put down to one-offs as they were sporadic. 

The heartache was too much so I instantly called 111, in hindsight I should have just phoned 999 but as she was fine again after this, I felt they wouldn't be best pleased to get an ambulance down. They told me to get down to A&E, which brought back horrible memories as I was only 4 days postpartum and we had literally just left the hospital. After various heart-wrenching checks and long anxious waits, we were told that Grace needed to stay overnight at least and start a course of antibiotics in case she had an infection that they needed to fight until they got the results back. 

After 3 extra days in hospital, Grace was diagnosed with having reflux and all tests came back clear and we were free to leave. Since then we have been trying to keep her reflux under control using milk thickeners and infant gaviscon. It's been an ongoing problem which is yet to be cracked so watch this space on a post completely about reflux...

As for Grace's development, she's surpassed my expectations and in the first month alone her head control was phenomenal from even day 2. The second month has been a complete change and she's now a lot more alert and active than month one of course. She was on a pretty solid routine of a 3 hour cycle which included eating, sleeping, pooping and then repeated over and over. It's safe to say we're very much exhausted but things are getting a little easier!

Until next time, I'll soon be back with another update and reviews coming when I get chance of baby skincare products for eczema/dry skin, mummy skincare for post-partum bodies, the sleepyhead and more.


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