Thursday, 6 August 2015

Pregnancy Tips

Although I am 38 weeks pregnant and in my very final stages of pregnancy, I still don't class myself as an "expert". If I was to do this again (ask me in months to come!), then these are the things I'd go back and do, some things I didn't take enough of my own advice on.

These tips apply for any stage in pregnancy and there's no time that's too late to start if you haven't already!

1. Drink lots of water!
2. Take pre-natal vitamins as early as possible and stay consistent, set alarms if you're not good at remembering!
3. Moisturise regularly. As much as I don't personally think it does much with regards to stretchmarks, your skin gets very dry so needs a boost. I recommend Bio-Oil, Palmers Stretchmark Cream and Lotion. I did a post here on my favourites.
4. Rest and sleep as much as you can, by the end of your pregnancy you really won't get much.
5. Get a pregnancy pillow early on! This can come in handy for feeding later on.
6. Buy baggy, flowy clothes for early on in pregnancy rather than waste money on maternity clothes too soon.
7. Pinterest can be your best friend (my boards are here FYI).
8. Incorporate your veggies into smoothies and sauces where you can, especially spinach and broccoli for iron.
9. Invest in good non-wired bras & get regularly sized!
10. Cat owners stop doing the litter tray. This can cause toxoplasmosis which is an infection spread through cats (and other animals) faeces. 
11. For nausea, keep meals small and simple nothing spicy, bland food.
12. Pregnancy apps such as pregnancy+ and what to expect are your best friend.
13. Watch YouTube videos such as Anne Saccone, Belles Boutique, MakeupbyTiffanyD and DollyBowBow for weekly updates on their pregnancies. It can soothe you knowing you're on track!
14. Don't over Google! You'll stress yourself out. Should you need advice, check the NHS website, it's really helpful.
15. Research, research, research. This means for everything you buy, don't impulse buy it, you may not need it. Instagram and tons of blog posts should help with this, plus review sites. 
Check your local Mothercare stores to see if they have an Expectant Parent event,
equally can save you money & you get freebies and advice!
16. Depending on when you're due, think about the sale season, are you due before the next sales? Wait and buy clothes then, you may save a fortune!
17. We got our furniture from Argos but by Mamas & Papas which saved us £500. It's worth being open minded and really shopping around as you never know what you can find online.
18. It's also nice to check out Instagram hashtags such as #__weeks and #__weekspregnant to see how people due around the same time as you look and how they are decorating their nursery. Mainly Pinterest has been my inspiration though for our nursery and is still a work in progress.
19. Spread out the cost, pregnancy is a long old 9 months so don't wait until last minute to buy things, buy gradually over time. This goes for nappies, wipes and toiletries too!
20. Oh and do those Kegals! They will save you in the long run.
Last of all, just don't worry. Relax and enjoy the time being pregnant, you'll look back and realise how quickly the time has flown!

So I think that's it that I can think of right now, for any questions at all about my pregnancy, or pregnancy in general feel free to send me an email/tweet me or comment below. I'd love to help!

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