Friday, 31 July 2015

The Body Shop Spa Of The World Collection

If you're a long time reader then you will already know my huge love for the brand The Body Shop. I've spent many a pay day with a wishlist as long as my arm and over the years I've grown to know the products inside out, that was until recently. Since becoming pregnant, my skin type has changed drastically and I can't use the same products that I used to. It's safe to say that my knowledge of the products has declined greatly.

When The Body Shop asked me to join their sampling programme, I jumped at the chance. So far I've tried outstanding products from their new ranges and this one, Spa Of The World Collection didn't disappoint either. The Body Shop have really upped their game in terms of packaging and the product itself.

Japanese Camellia Cream (*)

This stuff is heavenly, I've been using the 3 products combined as a pamper routine in the bath since they seem to be safe for me to use in my current pregnant state. It has a velvet-like consistency and although a body cream rather than lotion, it is in between a lotion and body butter so is one to pop on at night before bed. The scent lingers for a good 12+ hours after applying and trust me, it's a good one!

Dead Sea Salt Scrub (*)

This is my favourite product from the trio of products. I absolutely love a good salt scrub and this one is nothing like the regular Body Shop scrubs. It's in my top 3 of the best I've tried, the others being Champneys Distant Shores Body Scrub and Calcot Manor The Lazy Evening Gentle Salt Scrub. The scent lingers just like the Japanese Camellia Cream, which I love! It gets rid of dead skin cells without being too abrasive on my sensitive skin. I think this is one that I'll re-purchase over and over, although I think this will last me a good 6-9 months!

Egyptian Milk & Honey Bath (*)

I was so intrigued by this product. First of all the packaging is another joy about the collection. Packaged in a drawstring brown bag, the product is contained within plastic packaging and is a powder formula. It comes with a cute little scoop, which is for you to dispense directly into your bath. Like the other products it smells lovely, but this one was the product I was most disappointed by. I've tried it several times now and the instructions state to put around 3 scoops into warm, running water. Beware, this doesn't produce bubbles if that's your thing! As relaxing as it is to put into the bath, I just didn't really get any joy from using it. I wouldn't buy this once I've ran out of it but for the novelty factor I'd probably end up buying as a gift for Christmas maybe.

The Spa Of The World collection is out in August, but prices are still to be confirmed. Keep an eye out on their website for more details once it's launched!

Are you interested in buying any of this collection? Which are your favourite Body Shop products?

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  1. Oo this stuff looks lovely, shame about the bath stuff. The fragrance sounds good, do you know if it's any other items? xx

    1. Yes! I think there's a good few more products from the same collection including oils but not 100% sure yet as it's not been released :) keep your eyes peeled! x


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