Thursday, 23 July 2015

Bath and Body Works Pocketbac Hand Gel Review

Bath and Body Works Pocketbac Hand Gel
I was organising my photos a few days ago and found this one and realised that I haven't actually done a review of the famous Bath and Body Works Pocketbac Hand Gel's!

Over the years I've re-purchased several of these. Despite never visiting America, I manage to source them fairly easily in the UK and in case you didn't know where to find them, you soon will! I've tried a variety of scents and don't have a bad thing to say about any of them actually; they don't leave your hands sticky and smell good, what's not to love?

In the UK you can source them on eBay, sometimes they are few and far between but if you really search you can find them for around £2.50 with free postage included. Although they're only 29ml, I think they're well worth the money compared to your boring hand gels in Boots and Superdrug.

Within weeks, I will soon become a Mum and I'm sure this is when the hand gels will come into the most use! They're tiny so pop into your handbag/changing bag really easily. It's safe to say that I'm officially obsessed, who's with me..?

Have you tried Bath and Body Works Pocketbac Hand Gel's? Which are your favourite scents?

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  1. I ordered my first ones at the weekend from eBay! Found them for £2.15 each and free postage xx

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    1. That is a bargain! I've well and truly stocked up but once I start running out I'll do another bulk buy, if only we had Bath & Body Works in the UK! :( x


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