Tuesday, 21 July 2015

34 & 35 Weeks Update

Another fortnight has rolled by and although I meant to keep you updated weekly from now, I've just been too busy to write a blog post!

Today marks my 36 weeks of pregnancy which is scary. Looking back on even 30 weeks seems so long ago, yet it really wasn't. I've noticed a huge difference in my bump in many ways over the last few weeks, obviously the size, but also my bump has dropped dramatically over the past even 2 days I'd say!

Nursery is very nearly finished now, just waiting on some 3d fabric lettering on with her initial and some other bits | How cute are these little shoes! | Before my bump dropped later in my 35th week, still so high though here!
I had my 36 week midwife check this morning which went well, she doesn't want to see me again until after my due date; certainly makes it feel more real.

How far along? 36 weeks exactly.
Total weight gain: 16lbs. It doesn't sound a lot but I'm only 5 ft 1 so I don't have much room to store it haha.
Maternity clothes? No new ones. Rapidly running out of any clothes at all that fit though!
Stretch marks? Too many :(
Sleep: Badly. I keep waking up more for no real reason, but it takes me forever to drift back off. Once I do though I can sleep in until like 10am, which shows how shattered I must be!
Best moment this week: Knowing baby girl is still tucked up fine and moving ever so much as always. I've never had to worry about her movements which I feel so lucky about.
Miss anything? Bending down to pick things up and generally reaching the table; causes me to have more food on my clothes than in my mouth!

All handmade by Grandma, how lovely. Top right is a gorgeous Liberty print, left is a reversible fabric and will be perfect for winter as it's quite thick. Bottom right is a lovely mix of colours and quite thin for the remainder of the warmer weather!
Food cravings: Not quite food but still very much craving ice cubes all the time and lemonade.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Cheese! I can't stand the smell right now, especially when I found an expired pack a few days ago!
Gender: Girl!
Labour signs: Braxton Hicks all day long and she's now dropped which means tons of lightening crotch. No fun but come on baby!

Like most sales that I can't resist, my 1st years was no exception. Although I can't yet show you what's in it as it includes her name, let's just say I love it!! | If you're part of the Boots Parenting Club then check theri app for offers, I got another Mam bottle and soother set and this NutriMum gift pack all for free!
Symptoms: General waddling, feeling like a whale..getting to the impatient stage where I'm just so ready for her to come now.
Belly button in or out? Very much out. I hope it goes back in fairly quickly!
Happy or moody most of the time: I've noticed I'm a lot more short tempered now and started to finally reach the emotional stage that everyone talks about! Sometimes I have that thing where I really want to cry but nothing comes out, maybe I'm saving it up for the birth!
Looking forward to: Meeting her, we're both so excited now but equally as nervous/terrified. Not long to wait eek!

So that's all for my 34 and 35 weeks pregnancy update. I will be sure to keep updating in my last few weeks of pregnancy before I become a Mummy!

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