Thursday, 4 June 2015

27 & 28 Weeks Update

Well a lot has happened since my last update so I guess this is quite the update. If you don't follow me on Instagram (@paulab90)/Twitter (PaulaMakeup_) then you may not be aware of my recent exciting news! I got married! Ever since getting engaged, me and my now husband have discussed all the options that we wanted from our wedding and we decided to have a very small, intimate ceremony with our closest family and then next year to have a blessing in Italy with our baby girl.

Planning for that will commence later in the year but if any of you have any tips on the Sorrento area, it would be greatly appreciated!

27 & 28 Weeks Pregnancy Update
27 weeks | Mother-in-law handmade cot mobile and storage bag. So cute!
Since my last update, I have also noticed quite how quickly baby is now growing and my weight gain has increased rapidly. She is far more active than she ever was and can be quite painful now with a few digs in the ribs here and there.

I also had my whooping cough injection and routine blood tests, both weren't as bad as I expected being a wuss with needles. My blood tests came back clear so that's good news!

How far along? 29 weeks & 2 days.
Total weight gain: 10lbs.
Maternity clothes? No new ones.
Stretch marks? Ever increasing but I'm not too worried now, I can't do much about them!
Sleep: Not too great, I've turned into an ultra light sleeper and as soon as daylight hits, I'm wide awake. I get woken up by the baby a lot too at various times in the night moving around. 
Best moment this week: Of course it has to be our wedding day! Also physically seeing baby poke out of my stomach, slightly weird but amazing too.
Miss anything? Sleeping on my stomach, bending down to lift heavy things and help during my current house move process. 
Food cravings: Various things over the fortnight, mainly sweets unfortunately!
Anything making you queasy or sick? Car sickness has struck again which isn't great, but thankfully doesn't affect me whilst I drive
Gender: Girl!
Labour signs: A few potential Braxton Hicks, although I'm finding it difficult to distinguish between the baby moving higher and Braxton Hicks.
Symptoms: Getting very tired now and out of breath quickly. Naps are becoming more frequent! Walking is becoming painful too with pelvic pain on my right side :(
Belly button in or out? Out! It goes back in sometimes when I'm lying flat but it's now out. It does creep me out but it's not yet sticking out of clothes thankfully!
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy, but tired!
Looking forward to: Hitting the 30 week mark next week, then single figures of the countdown begins. 

As I have mentioned, I'm mid house move at the moment which should be done by next week and then I will be living back in Oxfordshire again, yippee! 

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  1. Congrats again on getting married lovely! Hope the moves gone well too! I'm glad the tests went well for you, I had my whooping cough a couple of weeks ago too, I had mine quite late but I'm glad I had it xx

    1. Thanks Abbie! :) thankfully the move went smoothly thanks to our endless help from family. Yeah the whooping cough wasn't fun, but necessary for a few seconds of pain. Hope you're doing well! xx


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