Sunday, 17 May 2015

Kiko Quick Dry 803 Rose Coral Review

Kiko Quick Dry 803 Rose Coral Review
Kiko Quick Dry 803 Rose Coral | Currently £2.90 here.
When I last visited my friend Sara whilst she was still living in Madrid, she kindly gave me some gifts from Kiko, which isn't quite easily accessible in the UK, but mega cheap in Spain. I haven't tried a lot of Kiko products but the ones I have tried, I have loved.

The colours she chose couldn't have been more perfect, she knows me well clearly! One of the products was the Quick Dry formula in shade 803 Rose Coral. It has the best nail polish brush I've tried, a wide, thick brush which covers most of my nail with one sweep.

The formula is perfect and although I'm not the best at applying nail polish, it's one of those "quick I've not painted my nails" 5 minutes before leaving the house type products, that you just grab and go. I'm hooked on this range and want to try more products. Sadly their UK site has a minimum order value of £25 which is pretty high, but I know that they've just opened a store in Oxford. I'm moving back towards there very soon so will be able to pick up some more shades then!

Have you tried any of Kiko's products? Which do you recommend to try?

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