Thursday, 7 May 2015

23 & 24 Weeks Update

Time is flying now! I'm getting more and more organised and my belly is of course growing to a new level, it's certainly kicking in now how long I have left.

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How far along? 25 weeks & 2 days.
Total weight gain: 7.5lbs, it's creeping up!
Maternity clothes? Yes! Finally, I got a couple more pairs of bottoms from my favourite maternity brand, H&M. I got some sweatpants style pants which are the most comfortable thing and some leggings with a pattern so I don't feel quite as frumpy.
Stretch marks? Pretty much the same.
Sleep: I've been really tired so sleeping way more than normal including extra naps.
Best moment this week: Feeling baby going mental in my tummy and doing some kind of somersault routine it seems!
Miss anything? Still the same, the occasional fruit cider and heaps of coke!
Food cravings: One I've noticed recently, not quite classed as food but ice. I have to have lots of ice with my drinks. A cafe even had to run out to get some for me...oops. Pregnancy demands..
Anything making you queasy or sick? No thankfully.
Gender: Girl!
Labour signs: Nope. 
Symptoms: Constant tiredness has crept in, along with sudden thirst which is a new symptom I've not had before.
Belly button in or out? On its way out but still kind of flat, sometimes half out.
Happy or moody most of the time: Up and down!
Looking forward to: Moving house and getting her nursery set up so I can organise her clothes. 

This month is a busy one but I'll be sure to update as and when I can! Hope you're all well. :)

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  1. ahhh you're getting so big! not long now! glad the bump is doing well!

    Charlotte Harvs - Blog

    1. I know ahh. It's gone so fast and I'm even bigger now. Onto the last hurdle very soon! We're good thanks lovely, hope you both are too! X


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