Sunday, 19 April 2015

Pregnancy Skincare Favourites

Ever since getting pregnant, my whole life completely changed overnight, starting with my skin. Within days of finding out that I was pregnant, my skin became incredibly itchy. I heard of this before becoming pregnant and like many others probably reading this, think it sounds like a pretty easy symptom to control but when it's 24/7, annoying isn't the word!

The products I've shown have been my saviour for moisture, stretchmarks and keeping itching at bay for the last 5 months.


Doublebase Gel - now this is a doctor prescribed product but if you are also suffering with itchy skin, I would really recommend this product. Despite it having pretty cool packaging, it soaks in immediately and is the one and only thing that has soothed my itchy skin!


Daytime - the famous Palmer's Cocoa Butter Massage Lotion For Stretchmarks has featured heavily and twice a day in my skincare routine. It's not just great for stretchmarks but moisture in general as my skin is dry at the best of times. I've already gone through a few bottles and will be sure to keep using this post-baby.

Evening - Palmer's also have a massage cream which is a much thicker version of the regular and I do actually prefer this but it's not quick to soak in so isn't great for mornings before getting dressed. I wish the tube was bigger as I've gone through quite a few of these too.

When I want a pamper evening and I'm looking for body butters, I always turn to the same 2 brands that I can rely on. The Body Shop do the best body butters and I'm sure everybody agrees! Brazil Nut is my favourite range although it is seasonal, but I make sure to stock up when it does come back into stock, however I do also recommend every single one of their body butters. Long lasting scents which lasts until your next shower.

Champneys are also one of my top favourite brands. Ever since I stumbled across their Distant Shores range I was hooked. As you can tell, I'm all about the scents! Their body butter soaks in a lot quicker than The Body Shop's but is just as moisturising and long lasting.


Sanex Advanced Dermo Repair Bath Cream has the best fresh smell! I love the long lasting scent after a bath and it's so relaxing in the evening. It's a really thick moisturising consistency that doesn't aggravate my skin further.

N-Spa Jojoba and White Jasmine Body Wash - I love this smell too. N-Spa is one of my favourite ranges and is such good value. On a side note, the candle version of this scent is heavenly too! It's not good for really itchy days as it's quite perfumed but if you want a luxurious shower and body wash that will leave you smelling amazing, look no more.

Sorry for the lengthy post but I didn't want to miss anything out! I will be sure to update you with my facial skincare products very soon.

I hope you're all enjoying this lovely Spring weather we've been having over the last couple of weeks in the UK! If you can recommend any products you think I might like feel free to list them below.

Have a great weekend all!

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