Thursday, 5 March 2015

Spring Wishlist


As the weather slowly starts to improve and tease us with hints of spring, I'm itching to get rid of coats and leave the house with less layers! This also means injecting more pastel colours into my wardrobe and in this case, on my feet.

1. Cute maternity bras for larger breasts just do not exist unfortunately, but after browsing the entire net, I found this cute bra on ebay from an unheard of brand called Lupoline which I believe is a Polish brand. So tempted to order this!

2. I've still not managed to order a nice iPhone 6 case yet either! I always use this seller to get my phone cases as I love the feel and fit of them. This malteser one is right up my street!

3. I can still fit into normal tops and I'm determined not to buy any maternity tops, at least not into my late pregnancy! I love this lipstick top from H&M, and it's currently at 40% off. Bargain.

4. I spotted this H&M bag in store a few days ago and wished I'd picked it up then. The colour is deceiving but it's still really light, not good for stains/babies/cats though! It comes in black too.

5. Now I'm not a huge fan of Miley Cyrus but since I spotted her lipstick by Mac I knew I needed it. Of course I need another pink lipstick...Their prices just keep going up and up, this is priced at £15.50.

6. How cute are these flat pointed shoes by Oasis! They're a little different to my usual style but I love them. I'm in need of spring flats so I may have to purchase these!

What do you think of my picks, will you be picking any of them up?

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  1. Replies
    1. The shoes are definitely a spring essential for me, will have to make a little purchase soon! x


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