Tuesday, 27 January 2015

MyProtein Women's Fitness

MyProtein Total Nutri-Greens
My Protein Total Nutri-Greens (*) - £7.99
Like many of you, my New Years Resolution for 2015 was to become healthier, fitter and generally a lot more energetic. When My Protein got in touch about trying out some of their Women's Fitness products, I jumped at the chance. Both myself and my Boyfriend regularly use the site so I knew what to expect and it didn't disappoint again.

Whilst I keep seeing lots of healthy green smoothies, I just can't bring myself to drink one too often, this is where the Total Nutri-Greens comes in. It's packed with 22 superfoods including Spirulina, Wheat grass, Acerola Berry, Broccoli, Spinach leaf, Pomegranate, Apple fibre, Tomato, Elderberry, Blueberry and Chlorella. This doesn't sound the most appetising mix, but it's great to mix with water, protein shake or juice (but water is recommended). It comes in unflavoured and tropical flavour, you can of course use the My Protein FlavDrops which come in a whole variety of better tasting flavours to mix with your favourite protein or Total Nutri-Greens. 

That being said, it doesn't particularly taste great so I need to stop up on some of the FlavDrops, I've got my eye on the Maple flavour!

MyProtein BCAA Raspberry Lemonade
My Protein BCAA Raspberry Lemonade (*) - 250g - £14.49
Whenever I stock up on more BCAA's, my Boyfriend always thinks he can steal the majority of it and this time was no exception. MyProtein have a new flavour that sounded my cup of tea, Raspberry Lemonade. It didn't disappoint and BCAA's taste so good! I usually have it just with water or if I'm in a rush/being lazy will mix it with whey protein.

BCAA stands for Branch Chain Amino Acids and are essential amino acids which are required to maintain lean tissue. Unlike other nutrients, BCAAs are metabolised in the muscles directly instead of in the stomach. I personally find they give me a lot of energy in my fitness sessions, but mainly they help me recover quickly after intense sessions. 

I highly recommend you to try them if you want to get some extra energy from amino acids. I have previously reviewed the Berry Blast version of BCAA so I'll pop the link here so you can check that out too if you're interested.

I hope that's helped you if you're looking at purchasing some new supplements for your gym/fitness routine. Let me know if you've tried any of the above products and if you have any MyProtein recommendations?

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