Sunday, 25 January 2015

Ebay Wishlist

After scouting Ebay far too much lately, I thought I'd compile some of the favourites that have been added to my wishlist recently, to be purchased very soon!

Bath and Body Works Pocket Bacs Hand Gel - £2.50 here.
I've bought these time and time again but love seeing new scents that they bring out. Handy in my kit and my handbag. Forever wishing they brought Bath and Body Works over here though!

10 x Compressed Face Sheet Masks - £0.99 here
I tried these from Muji a while ago after my Mother-in-Law bought them as she thought I'd like them, she was so right. A strange complex but basically you put on any cleanser, toner, moisturiser etc that you wish and it expands to fit your face like a sheet mask. Pop it on, leave to dry and then ta-da!

More Issues Than Vogue Phone Case - £5.99 here.
I use this seller all the time for my phone cases. After recently upgrading to the Iphone 6 a month ago, I've been on the hunt to add to my collection of cute cases and this one is my cup of tea. The texture of the cases is honestly like no other, I need this design in my life!

Victoria's Secret Fragrance Body Mist - £8.20 here.
I've lusted after the Victoria's Secret body mists for quite some time but since I don't have a store near me to try them out, I will have to gamble at fragrances that I like. Love the sound of "Strawberries & Champagne" and "Mango Temptation".

Non-branded Perfume Atomiser (Travalo) - £0.99 here.
I love my Travalo and can't be without it in my handbag, I have both the original and now a few un-branded versions such as this one. They don't leak and are pretty much the same thing. Since you can't re-fill Travalo's too easily without smelling of the previous scent, these are cheap to buy and pop in your bag with your favourite scent of choice.

Macaron Jewellery Storage - £0.99 here.
I've seen these before on Ebay and forgot about them until I saw them again recently. They look such cute storage and I'm forever losing jewellery so these would be perfect. I move to a different city in 2 weeks so once I'm moved and settled, these would be perfect on my new dressing storage!

So there's my favourites, I'd love to hear which are yours?

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  1. Aw the macaroon cases are adorable! :) Wendy xx
    Scottish Wendy | Wendy's World

    1. I know, so cute! For 99p I have to order them :) x

  2. OMG the macaroon jewelry storage is so cute!!

    1. They're the clear favourite from the post, for sure! x


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