Sunday, 5 October 2014

Kate Spade Cherry Lane Lacey Wallet

Kate Spade Cherry Lane Lacey Wallet
As I mentioned in my last post, I celebrated my 24th birthday whilst we were on holiday in Mexico. Although I opened most of my presents the night before we left, my Boyfriend took my birthday present with him for me to open on my actual birthday which was sweet.

I was so excited when I opened it as I've always wanted a Kate Spade purse and always lusted after them at Bicester Village and the likes, and now it is mine! So the one I've got is the Cherry Lane Lacey Wallet which is so roomy. I've managed to fit all but 3 or 4 of my cards into it, which is good going considering the amount of loyalty cards etc that I have!

It's a gorgeous bright pink, which suits me perfectly, along with the trademark polka dot on the inside lining. There is enough room for coins too but I rarely carry money, yes I am that girl paying for small items on my debit card...

I believe Ollie bought it from Nordstrom as this particular one is hard to obtain, but Kate Spade is now widely available in the UK from the Bicester Outlet, Selfridges and Westfield.

This will definitely last me a long time and I won't get bored of it for sure. Best present ever, I'm sure you will agree and I am an incredibly lucky girl!

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