Thursday, 6 February 2014

Zara White EDT

Zara White Eau de Toilette - €5.95
I'm back! It's been one hectic month, I've been away twice to both Spain and Germany and more recent news..I'm re-locating! It's been a long time in the making but finally it's coming closer. I will be moving at the end of March to Oxfordshire with my Boyfriend, so a good few hundred miles from home. As daunting as it will be, I'll be blogging to keep myself occupied while I make new friends and get acquainted with my new home! I've been watching lots of home videos and hauls to get some inspiration and we're slowly building up things that we need so please link me to any of your posts/videos so I can find more things to buy.

I picked up my latest product today whilst in Madrid recently (damn you Zara being so much cheaper there!). I love Zara but don't have one nearby so it's a luxury when I can visit huge stores in Madrid and Manchester. I spotted this perfume when my friend was trying on clothes and loved it. Even more so when I spotted the price, it was around €6 for 30ml! They're not on the English Zara site but I'm sure I've seen them in UK stores.

The packaging it came in was cute too, white and simple and didn't look cheap by any means. The scent is heavily floral based which usually puts me off, but I can't help loving this scent. It's a very fresh, daytime wearable scent that has had quite a few compliments. Apparently this smells like Lancome's Miracle but I've never smelt it so only based on The longevity isn't great but at that price, I don't mind having a mid-afternoon spritz since it's handbag friendly.

I'll be stocking up next time I visit Zara if I see it or get my friend to ship it ;) hint hint Sara..

What's your favourite scent? Have you tried Zara perfumes? 

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  1. I like Zara perfumes! I love the packaging, sleek and chic. Currently I'm using one called Black Amber. But I have to check this one next time I go to Zara! :) xx


    1. I know I love the packaging too. Will have to try out Black Amber, thanks for the heads up :) x

  2. Went to Zara again today, it smells really good! .. and hint hint, you only have my spanish services for another 2 weeks ;) haha

    1. Hahaha true that. Boo. Copenhagen times soon :) Besos xx


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