Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Body Shop Brazil Nut Range

The Body Shop Brazil Nut
The Body Shop Brazil Nut
 The Body Shop Brazil Nut

Hands up how many of you stock up on something you love?! I may sound a little crazy but when I find something I love, I make sure I have plenty of supplies backed up - just in case! When I first discovered The Body Shop Brazil Nut range last year I fell in love immediately. I'm a sucker for scents and if you saw my perfume and body spray collection you'd believe me. Scents remind us of happy memories and emotions so I like to mix them up a little.

Brazil Nut Eau de Toilette is my new perfume of choice as of late. It's a bargain price normally at £8.50 but since Brazil Nut is from their Limited Edition range, it's currently on sale on their UK site so grab it while you can (before I do!). I have quite a considerable amount of all of the range stocked for when they decide to re-stock it again. If you love Caramel, Vanilla and Coconut type scents then you will love this!

 The Beautifying Oil is also pretty amazing. I hate the feel of oils usually but this sinks in quite quickly and the scent is overpowering enough to make it last on your skin for a few hours afterwards.

The Body Mist is very similar to the Eau de Toilette with an extra ingredient or 2 but the difference being the mist is 100ml where as the perfume is 30ml. The Eau de Toilette lasts longer on the skin but I layer them both to make sure it lasts as scents fade on me within a few hours.

The Body Butter and Body Scrub are another also worth trying if you love the scent.. I'm a huge fan of The Body Shop's body butters and they are the only ones I go back to over and over again. Make sure to Google their latest discount codes as they usually have one on offer.

What's your favourite type of scent? Do you stock up on your favourite products like me or am I the only crazy one?! 

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  1. This is my favorite scent from The Body Shop too -- it smells so good, it's almost addictive!

    annie |

    1. I know it must be since my room is stocked up with it! :) x

  2. I love TBS, especially their body butters! I must try this one.


  3. I haven't found a Body Shop product that I don't like! Obsessed with their products!

    Fairytale Kiss

    Jade x

  4. Strange, your page shows up with a yellow hue to it, what color is the main color on your site?
    jeux de fille


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