Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Concealer Review

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Review

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Review
Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Concealer - £5.49 Boots
It's been a while since I've posted reviews about make-up hasn't it! I have been a little addicted to lipsticks recently, unfortunately for my bank balance, but I've tried to keep up with the latest products and one of the things I really wanted to try was Seventeen's Phwoarr Paint, the heavy duty concealer. This is known to be a dupe for Benefit's Boi-ing/Erase Paste so I wanted to put it to the test. On a day to day basis I must say, I don't really get that huge bags or dark circles under my eyes but it's nice to know any darkness is well and truly hidden and I look far more awake than I usually am.

Seventeen are another brand really doing well at the moment and considering they're so affordable, it means I get to try out even more of their products. The only negative point about the concealer is it's only available in 2 shades, fair and medium. I chose fair without looking at medium and this is just about right but I could do with a tad lighter. As long as I blend it in completely it isn't noticeable.

The concealer is really thick yet creamy, I'd say it's very similar to the consistency of Daniel Sandler's Invisible Radiance concealer on the top of the packaging that I wish he sold separately! I always get paranoid about my under-eye concealer creasing so I either mix it with an eye cream or make sure it's sunk in really well before applying the concealer. It is as heavy duty as it states, since I very rarely get breakouts I only use it on my undereyes and any redness I want to cover up. On average over the last few days of using it, it's lasted me at least 8 hours with a little powder over the top.

I'm so impressed with this for the price and what's better, I had a voucher from a Boots magazine (which I believe is still in stores and free for advantage card holders) for £1 off any of the Seventeen range so I got it for £4.49!

Have you tried Seventeen Phwoarr Paint?

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  1. I might pick up this one when I go to London! I have terrible under eye circles and have been eyeing the Benefit Erase Paste, but I've read a lot of mixed reviews and I just I don't have the heart to spend so much money on a product that might not end up working. :D

  2. That sounds perfect to me, but here in Italy I never heard of this brand, dammit :D I hope to find it online, the price is good and I wanted to try one of the two benefit's...thanks for the review!


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