Sunday, 13 October 2013

Lost inspiration

Hey everyone, it's been one whole month since I last blogged and it seems like forever! Lots has happened in 4 weeks and my whole world has changed. Without dwelling on the negatives, I've missed blogging but didn't want the negativity to come through in my blog so time away was much needed! In the meantime, I turned 23, went to Morocco and also upgraded my camera to a DSLR. I've fallen in love with going out walking and just snapping away so I thought I'd share some of my holiday photos and random photos I've took recently too!

I've missed you all and thanks for sticking around those that are long term readers and hello to the new ones too!


The above photos were all taken in Marrakech, Morocco. It was a lovely place and unfortunately I've been ill ever since with a bad stomach bug but Marrakech is one to visit!

My favourite place to go and watch the world go by, Windermere in the Lake District. So peaceful watching the ducks and birds and I love being near water too.

Amazing birthday present from my Boyfriend. I was so spoilt and shocked. He knows me well and proud he chose it all on his own! It was a lovely day being able to spend it in the sun and just do nothing. Now hunting for our next holiday already. Holiday blues...

Hope you're all ok and hopefully once I'm better normal service can resume!

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  1. Sometimes we all need a blog break! Beautiful necklace btw, your boyf has fabulous taste!


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