Wednesday, 11 September 2013

ASOS Wishlist

Remember me? I'm back again with a new post and a bit of an update. In just 2 weeks it's my birthday so what better way of helping your family and friends by doing a little wishlist to show a few items that would be muchly appreciated ;). My ASOS wishlist is a bit of a joke now and I'm waiting for it to end up being too full. Of course, if I added up the total, I'd need to win the lottery. So until then, here's a few of my favourite fashion items that I've been lusting after.

1. Petite Double Breasted Coat - It's soo hard to find a really nice petite coat. I hate being so small, nothing ever looks right from the "normal" section and there's so few petite ranges around. I've been eyeing this coat up for quite a bit and I think it may be a post-birthday splurge!
2. Petite Blazer in Fluro Boucle - Having seen this on milkbubbletea's blog, I saw that it kept going out of stock and repeatedly keep putting it on my wishlist. I think I need to bite the bullet as it's just so pretty!
3. River Island Wild Thing Sweat Dress - This is totally up my street for my casual days (most days). It looks quite thin so I'd layer this with tights or leggings for when it starts to get even colder.
4. Ted Baker Bright Bow Make-Up Case - Self explanatory and cute. Why wouldn't I need it?
5. River Island Cat Sweatshirt - Another cat, sense the theme? This is another cute throw on type t shirt. I definitely need this in my life - please don't sell out quickly!
6. Swing Dress "You Got The Love" - I love this so much! After having it in my wishlist bag for aages, I watched one of Fleur's latest Youtube videos and saw this dress. I love the Florence and the Machine song  to match too.

Only one more week until my holiday too and I could not be more excited, can you tell? I'm trying to finish my NVQ assignment before I go on holiday as the deadline is while I'm away - stressful!

Back to ASOS, do any of you have a ASOS Premier account? Do you think it's worth getting if so, I've been toying with the idea for quite a bit!

What's your favourite from my wishlist?

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