Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Milk_Shake Active Milk Mask

Lately, due to the rare sight of sun and the humidity, I’ve had to quickly change up my hair routine completely and use different products. I changed my hair from blonde to my more natural shade of light brown and natural looking ombre blonde ends which means that my hair isn’t quite as damaged but it’s got so dry recently. I’ve been relying on masks to help me get some moisture back into my hair and trying not to wash it as often as I was (every other day).

Milk_Shake Active Milk Mask (200ml) - £13.69 Hairtrade*
I’ve been swearing by the Milk_Shake Active Milk Mask which is 200ml and hasn’t lasted me too long. I’ve been using it for 2 months now quite often and I’m at the very end of the tub now so I need a replacement soon! The mask has the signature Milk_Shake scent which I love. Another story about the Milk_Shake products though..If you follow me on Instagram/Twitter, you may have seen that I had a fall out with one of their products, the whipped leave in conditioner mousse. I know I’ve rambled about the heat enough, but since it was so hot, it decided it had enough and exploded in my drawer causing all of my products it was beside to be covered in foam. It was a sight and my room still smells of it! Thankfully I managed to salvage all but one product, but lesson to be learnt. I’m staying well away from foam products in future!

Anyway, rant over. The mask is very creamy and I concentrate on the ends but it’s moisturising enough to use on my roots very lightly without making it greasy. My scalp can get greasy very quickly and I also have dermatitis which means other than shampoo, I stay clear from all products on my scalp. I’ve enjoyed using it as the scent lingers after drying my hair which is always a winner and although it only lasts a few days before getting dry again, I still love it.

The downside, it’s not the cheapest hair mask compared to my runner up favourite Herbal Essences masks, which does the same job. If I spotted this on offer I would definitely buy this again, but I don’t love it enough to re-purchase. Milk_Shake are usually on offer on Hairtrade.com

Which is your favourite hair mask? I’ve tried the Macademia brand too recently after getting a few samples from a couple of events but it actually made my hair weighed down and greasy. Thumbs down!

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  1. I've been hearing a lot of good things about this brand over the last few months. I'm definitely going to look a little more into their products, especially this one!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

    1. They all smell amazing. Recently one of my most loved Milk_Shake products blew up though which was a shame haha, will have to re-purchase at some point! x

  2. This looks amazing!! I really want to try it out


    1. I've ran out of it now but it leaves my hair so soft and smells of raspberry milkshake! Yummy x


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