Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sinful Colors 24/7

Sinful Colors 24/7
Sinful Colors 24/7
Sinful Colors - Shade 24/7 Boots £1.99
Excuse the dodgy application and cuticles but look how pretty! Yesterday me and Lisa took a trip to our favourite place, The Trafford Centre. Naturally, I think it's going to cost me a fortune going but we were both disappointed with what was to offer. I came away with some toiletries from Superdrug and 2 nail polishes. That being said, the 2 nail polishes were pretty amazing colours. I was so shocked that the Sinful Colors range is only £1.99 in Boots. Tempting as it was to buy a good 5 or 6 shades, I came away with the one most appealing to me, shade 24/7 (920).

Sinful Colors 24/7 is a bright, neon pink that doesn't show up that well on camera but it's definitely a barbie pink shade. Anyone that knows me knows that my favourite shade to wear in either clothing or make up wise is bright pink. What can I say, typical girlie girl! It didn't state on the stand however, 24/7 is part of the matte range. I don't mind matte finishes normally but it looked a tad strange, so I paired it with the Sally Hansen Insta-dri which gave it more of a shine as you can see in the last photo.

As for the Sinful Colors range, their packaging is very familiar. It looks a little like the China Glaze polishes, the shades are too although I don't actually own any of their range at the moment. I've gone through a phase of not being bothered to apply nail polish. No matter which polish I use, they all chip on me within hours which is a pain. I can't stand chipped polish so I make sure to remove it as soon as I spot any if I've got work. The brush is very thin, but easy to work with. I found doing a light layer and then building up to the shade in the bottle worked well and it was a true match. I'm loving this shade for summer. Now, where's the sun gone?

Have you picked up any of the Sinful Colors range? Which is your favourite Summer shade?

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  1. I have heard so much about sinful colors, I really need to go out and try it! cute color!

    xo, Delightful Sunflower

  2. I've literally just done a post about some of these that i picked up! i couldn't believe the wide selection they had, it was too much for my eyes to take in. I relly like this colour and can imagine how vibrant it looks!


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