Thursday, 20 June 2013

My Favourite Face Brushes

L-R - Real Techniques Multi Task Brush, Blush Brush, Stippling Brush, Buffing Brush, Contour Brush,
Elf Blush Brush, Elf Angled Blush Brush.
I thought I'd do a post today showing my most favourited and used face brushes. Since I have most of the Real Techniques collections I am a bit of an ambassador for them..that being said I haven't ventured much outside of the Elf and Real Techniques bracket, but why would I need to when I like the ones I have? My first brushes were Elf and I've got several of their brushes but most of them shed a lot or feel quite flimsy. That being said, I've chosen 2 of my favourites that are featured so I will get straight into my favourite face brushes!

Real Techniques, if you don't already know are the wonder creation of the Pixiwoo sisters, aka Sam and Nic Chapman. Their brushes are affordable, cute and practical. I've blogged about them previously a couple of times so check this post out here for my haul of The Travel Essentials Kit, The Starter Set and the Flawless Brush.

One tip is that you don't have to use the brushes as their title suggests. The Real Techniques Multi Task Brush is a good brush however it can be hard to work with sometimes for me personally. As you can see from my dirty brushes, I mainly use the Multi Task brush for blush as it's quite a tad bigger than I'd normally prefer for bronzer. I would use it for powder but I've found another brush that I prefer for that. Which brings me on to the blush brush. This used to be my go to blush brush until I decided it was a better size for powdering. It's slightly too big to use for blusher and I can't seem to apply it in the right places when I use this brush.

The stippling brush is amazing for cream blush. I used to use this for foundation, but again found a better replacement. The buffing brush is my ultimate favourite brush. It makes my skin look a lot better (I wouldn't quite say flawless, but near enough!) and blends 95% of my foundations, bb creams and tinted moisturisers like a dream. The contour brush is great for contouring and also cream blush, just make sure to use a heavy hand with cream blush!

Elf (Eyes Lips Face) used to be one of my favourite brands when I first started my love for make-up, the quality of their products considering the pricing is pretty good, but I'm too fickle and love trying new things. Their cheaper line of brushes are pretty poor and I wouldn't recommend them. Their blush brush is one that I mainly keep in my handbag on the go as it's light and fits in my make up bag easily. It doesn't pick up pigment that well so I couldn't use it every day but the size is perfect for applying blush or bronzer. The angled blush brush is my go to brush for highlighter. It's quite a dense brush which tends to pick up more pigment than the other brushes I own.

I'd recommend all these brushes for different reasons but would also love to hear your recommendations. I'd love to find the perfect blush and bronzing brushes. What do you love the most?

For those that haven't used iherb before, check it out for cheaper Real Techniques brushes here. They often do discount codes so make sure to search for $10 off your first order.

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  1. I too am a lover of Real Techniques, I don't know where I would be without my stippling brush! I'm intrigued with what you use for your foundation? You mention the buffing brush but I assume that is to buff rather than apply!? I'm very tempted to invest in some new brushes now though, especially that blush brush! It looks so fluffy!

    Lauren | Stylingo xxx

    1. I either use my fingers to apply then the buffing brush or just use the buffing brush on it's on to dab/stipple the product on. Both works a treat, just depends whether I'm using foundation or bb cream as some things work better than others with fingers only. x

  2. I've always wanted to try the real technique's brushes! They sound absolutely divine! xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate | bloglovin'

    1. They're great quality for the price, if you're looking for budget brushes I'd definitely recommend starting with Real Techniques! x

  3. I really love the RT brushes! They're all amazing, and like you said they're so good at multi purposes! I use mine for all different ways, and usually not their proper use! xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Glad someone else agrees! I need to try the Crown brushes next, I've heard they're pretty good! x


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