Monday, 3 June 2013

Clarins BB Cream 01 Light

Clarins BB Cream 01 Light* - Escentual £22.40 here.
Hey everyone, hope you all had a lovely sunny weekend. The UK is finally starting to warm up which is great, but it means my hayfever goes crazy at this time of year. It's normal for my eyes to be watering so much throughout the day that I get asked if I'm crying, not a great look! I can't wear non-waterproof mascara for a few months until it goes away. With that being said, I completely change up my make-up when it gets hotter which I think most people do. My skin changes and I get more on the oily side than dry and it means I have to be careful when applying products in the morning and seeing what will last the whole 8-10 hours that I prefer.

I thought I'd tell you all about a new BB cream that was kindly sent to me by Escentual to test out and boy was I excited! Clarins is a brand I don't own anything of, nor have I tried anything but I'm still not sure why! Anyway, BB cream is definitely something that we're short of in the UK. I don't think we quite "get it" yet and as a result, have ended up with a lot of products that resemble tinted moisturisers rather than BB creams.

The Clarins BB Cream is the heaviest I've tried in terms of coverage, especially compared to the likes of the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream. It's been lovely to use the past few weeks without foundation on top and I find it lasts for most of the duration that I'm at work. I can't use BB Cream and cream blusher/cream bronzer as it's a bit too heavy on my skin and goes patchy but I'd say that's due to my skin type rather than the product.

I'm still not completely convinced that BB creams are for me and I wouldn't wear them daily as I find they break me out more but that's probably because I'm not used to heavy coverage products. 01 Light is still too dark for me and looks quite orangey, I definitely couldn't get away with it in the Winter months but when I fake tan, it blends in ok. Don't be fooled by it being classed as light as this definitely isn't for pale skinned lovelies! I'd recommend this BB cream for those wanting a BB cream with SPF that will cover any imperfections without needing it to last longer than 6-8 hours. I like this product but I'm not sure I like it enough to re-purchase it.

Have you tried the Clarins BB Cream? What's your thoughts on BB creams as a whole?

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  1. A lot of people say the light is too dark. I think most UK bb creams are tinted moisturisers.

    1. Yeah definitely but this is different to all the Western BB creams that I've tried. It's ok with a bit of Xen Tan :) x


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