Thursday, 23 May 2013

The ultimate micellar cleansing water!

Hey everyone, remember that #micellarblindtrial I told you about a couple of weeks ago? Well I've now finished it and I thought I'd give you my results before the real results are out from Escentual!

I just want to say when I finished the trial I was so overwhelmed by micellar waters and although some people complained the trial wasn't long enough, I'm glad I got them out of the way quickly as they all started to blend into one very quickly. I think from this trial, brand and price depending, I'd purchase the full size of either sample C or D. Both were equally as good, but C won by a fraction. Knowing my luck, C will be Dior! I have no idea which one is Bioderma after that being the only one I tried. Oops!


So lets get straight into it, these are my results that I typed as I went along briefly.

Sample A - Strong scent, stung my eyes a bit but cleansed well and felt refrehing, albeit a tad sticky.
Sample B - Guessed at Nuxe Rose - strong rose scent, didn't like it much but cleansed like the others. Face feels a bit tight, skin a tad dry too.
Sample C - Not Bioderma (I don't think), feels very refreshing. Light, smelled really nice and clean. Mascara came off easily and face felt not so dry. Favourite so far.
Sample D - Predict that it's Avene. Refreshing, skin normal. Nice smell, not as nice scent as sample C. 2nd favourite. Cleansed well and all makeup removed.
Sample E - Smell in bottle was ok but when applied to skin was horrible. Didn't like it too much but neither liked nor disliked. Skin felt ok but not super clean. Wouldn't purchase. Didn't remove all makeup.
Sample F - Wasn't wowed by it, didn't feel very clean. No scent or facial tightness. Was just "ok". All makeup removed. Possibly Bioderma?
Sample G - Didn't like much. Didn't remove all makeup very easily. Didn't mind scent. Face felt quite tight but not overly. Still prefer sample C.


So there we have it. I'd love to see other people's reviews. I've given my results in the survey so I will look forward to seeing the 'real winner'. What do you think if you took part, which is your favourite?

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  1. I like A the most & dislike C, ha! That's gonna be some crazy results me thinks x

  2. Oh wow I can't wait to hear the real results!


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