Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Crazy cat lady

Leopard Cat Ears Watch - £20 ASOS here
Let's all take a second to admire this beauty. If you know me well enough, then you'll know that I love cats. Call me crazy cat lady, or pet lady really, but I ♥ cats. When I spotted this leopard print (another huge favourite) combined with cats in a gorgeous, affordable watch I had to have it. I sent the link to my Boyfriend and then thought do I really need another watch? I decided against it. A few days later I got home to a parcel and was confused since I hadn't ordered anything from ASOS. I opened it and this cute little thing was smiling at me.

It's pretty and what's more, it's different. They do the same watch in plain black if leopard print isn't your thing too. I'll link it below the photo but the black one is linked here at the same price. I love it and ASOS do some pretty funky watches I must say. While I was looking the link up I've just spotted another crazy animal watch too. A rabbit ears watch (link)! Is it just me that thinks these are so cute? Not quite appropriate for every day office wear but still...

I love it anyway and that's all that matters! On another side note, I love ASOS and find so many bargains on there. I need a whole new wardrobe, anyone care to help me? Better still, winning the lottery would be nice.

What's your favourite purchase been recently?

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