Thursday, 30 May 2013

Anne Semonin Masks

Hey everyone, it’s nearly Friday again yay! When it comes to Thursday evenings, one of my favourite thing to do to in order to prepare for the weekend is have a pamper night. My skin has phases of being clear then all of a sudden everything seems to break out at the same time. Thankfully, I have certain products I know calm them down, as well as cleansing and toning thoroughly. 

Face masks have been one of my favourite things since I first started going out with friends at the weekend as a young teenager and purchasing masks for our Saturday evening pamper. At the north meet up, I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Nikki from She works at a beauty salon in the Lake District and their salon uses Anne Semonin products and she swore by them, so naturally I was keen to try them. I had some great sample sachets which are great for travelling and recently came with me to Oxford for the weekend. 

My favourite mask out of them all is the cream mask. It’s really moisturising and leaves my skin feeling baby soft. There was only one of the masks which didn’t get on well with my skin and that was the mineral mask. My skin is a combination of normal and dry and can change dramatically depending on the weather but can sometimes be quite sensitive depending on the ingredients. I feel comfortable leaving the cream mask on for up to an hour but with the gel mask, I find my skin being too tight so I have to remove it after about half an hour. 

Overall I enjoyed using the products and still have a few sachets left which are handy when I travel to my Boyfriends’ at the weekend. I’d recommend trying them for a luxury face mask. The negative point? The price. It’s not cheap at around £42 for 50ml from Cult Beauty or Beauty Bay but if I had to recommend one out of all of them, I’d say the cream or exfoliating mask. The exfoliating mask left my skin brighter and tighter, in a good way without being too harsh on my skin. 

Have you tried the Anne Semonin Skincare range?   

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  1. I like these too, I still have 2 left so I may bust them out this weekend!


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