Thursday, 30 May 2013

Anne Semonin Masks

Hey everyone, it’s nearly Friday again yay! When it comes to Thursday evenings, one of my favourite thing to do to in order to prepare for the weekend is have a pamper night. My skin has phases of being clear then all of a sudden everything seems to break out at the same time. Thankfully, I have certain products I know calm them down, as well as cleansing and toning thoroughly. 

Face masks have been one of my favourite things since I first started going out with friends at the weekend as a young teenager and purchasing masks for our Saturday evening pamper. At the north meet up, I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Nikki from She works at a beauty salon in the Lake District and their salon uses Anne Semonin products and she swore by them, so naturally I was keen to try them. I had some great sample sachets which are great for travelling and recently came with me to Oxford for the weekend. 

My favourite mask out of them all is the cream mask. It’s really moisturising and leaves my skin feeling baby soft. There was only one of the masks which didn’t get on well with my skin and that was the mineral mask. My skin is a combination of normal and dry and can change dramatically depending on the weather but can sometimes be quite sensitive depending on the ingredients. I feel comfortable leaving the cream mask on for up to an hour but with the gel mask, I find my skin being too tight so I have to remove it after about half an hour. 

Overall I enjoyed using the products and still have a few sachets left which are handy when I travel to my Boyfriends’ at the weekend. I’d recommend trying them for a luxury face mask. The negative point? The price. It’s not cheap at around £42 for 50ml from Cult Beauty or Beauty Bay but if I had to recommend one out of all of them, I’d say the cream or exfoliating mask. The exfoliating mask left my skin brighter and tighter, in a good way without being too harsh on my skin. 

Have you tried the Anne Semonin Skincare range?   

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Thursday, 23 May 2013

The ultimate micellar cleansing water!

Hey everyone, remember that #micellarblindtrial I told you about a couple of weeks ago? Well I've now finished it and I thought I'd give you my results before the real results are out from Escentual!

I just want to say when I finished the trial I was so overwhelmed by micellar waters and although some people complained the trial wasn't long enough, I'm glad I got them out of the way quickly as they all started to blend into one very quickly. I think from this trial, brand and price depending, I'd purchase the full size of either sample C or D. Both were equally as good, but C won by a fraction. Knowing my luck, C will be Dior! I have no idea which one is Bioderma after that being the only one I tried. Oops!


So lets get straight into it, these are my results that I typed as I went along briefly.

Sample A - Strong scent, stung my eyes a bit but cleansed well and felt refrehing, albeit a tad sticky.
Sample B - Guessed at Nuxe Rose - strong rose scent, didn't like it much but cleansed like the others. Face feels a bit tight, skin a tad dry too.
Sample C - Not Bioderma (I don't think), feels very refreshing. Light, smelled really nice and clean. Mascara came off easily and face felt not so dry. Favourite so far.
Sample D - Predict that it's Avene. Refreshing, skin normal. Nice smell, not as nice scent as sample C. 2nd favourite. Cleansed well and all makeup removed.
Sample E - Smell in bottle was ok but when applied to skin was horrible. Didn't like it too much but neither liked nor disliked. Skin felt ok but not super clean. Wouldn't purchase. Didn't remove all makeup.
Sample F - Wasn't wowed by it, didn't feel very clean. No scent or facial tightness. Was just "ok". All makeup removed. Possibly Bioderma?
Sample G - Didn't like much. Didn't remove all makeup very easily. Didn't mind scent. Face felt quite tight but not overly. Still prefer sample C.


So there we have it. I'd love to see other people's reviews. I've given my results in the survey so I will look forward to seeing the 'real winner'. What do you think if you took part, which is your favourite?

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Crazy cat lady

Leopard Cat Ears Watch - £20 ASOS here
Let's all take a second to admire this beauty. If you know me well enough, then you'll know that I love cats. Call me crazy cat lady, or pet lady really, but I ♥ cats. When I spotted this leopard print (another huge favourite) combined with cats in a gorgeous, affordable watch I had to have it. I sent the link to my Boyfriend and then thought do I really need another watch? I decided against it. A few days later I got home to a parcel and was confused since I hadn't ordered anything from ASOS. I opened it and this cute little thing was smiling at me.

It's pretty and what's more, it's different. They do the same watch in plain black if leopard print isn't your thing too. I'll link it below the photo but the black one is linked here at the same price. I love it and ASOS do some pretty funky watches I must say. While I was looking the link up I've just spotted another crazy animal watch too. A rabbit ears watch (link)! Is it just me that thinks these are so cute? Not quite appropriate for every day office wear but still...

I love it anyway and that's all that matters! On another side note, I love ASOS and find so many bargains on there. I need a whole new wardrobe, anyone care to help me? Better still, winning the lottery would be nice.

What's your favourite purchase been recently?

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Monday, 20 May 2013

Products I've fallen back in love with.

Hey everyone, ahh Monday again.. Hopefully this week will go mega quick because I've got an exciting weekend planned! I'm off to Oxford on Friday and then London on Sunday for the day so I'll be making the most of London shopping hopefully if I get chance!

I thought I'd do a post today showing the products that I fell out of love with over the Winter season and have recently rediscovered. First up is Bourjois Healthy Mix, This was my first ever foundation which was only nearly 2 years ago (look at me now eh?!) and although I liked it, I found others and became bored quickly. Recently I've been quite attached to my beloved Xen Tan and all my other foundations look too pale so this one in 52, which is still quite pale, but is the darkest shade I own at the moment so I've been reaching for it more and more lately.

I got Benefit Dandelion Blush over a year ago at a blogging event and I loved it but it was quite pale for me and I didn't get it to show up very much, same applies for the Mac blush in Well Dressed. Lately I've been trying different brushes and using it when I've got more of a tan and I much prefer them. They're my go to daily blushers at the moment.

Mineral foundation is great for days I've got bad breakouts or just generally fancy a change. My favourite I've tried so far is by the brand Lily Lolo. This is actually a sample pot in shade Blondie and I love it. It makes my skin look flawless, I apply it with my Elf Mineral Foundation brush and buff it into my skin. It lasts all day and I don't have to worry about it being cakey. Will re-purchase the full size once I've ran down my stash a bit more!

Elf Matte Lip Colour was a purchase when Elf had a frequent 50% sale and I went mad. I bought this in the shade Tea Rose and really wasn't keen so threw it in my drawers until recently when I fancied going for a nude sort of shade which I never do and was pleasantly surprised. It's great for a toned down look for work and although it doesn't last long, it was around £2 so all isn't lost.

 Fashionista Custom palettes are amazing, they do eyeshadows, blushers and bronzers so it's great for on the go. They're £4 each from Superdrug and are usually 4 for £10 which is pretty good. Recently my larger Superdrug (damn you Superdrug) has completely pulled the stand and replaced with yet another nail stand. So now I'm unable to buy it anymore, except on Superdrug's website which is annoying when I like to swatch each shade but hey ho. The shades I picked that are currently in my palette are beyond messy but well used. The 2 blushers are very muted, although they look quite scary in the pan. The light eyeshadow is quite unloved recently but I should use it more often. The bronzer, well, it was dropped and smashed so I need to re-purchase it as I hate having it look like that, is it just me that would drive up the wall?!

Does anybody know if Fashionista are still in their local Superdrug stores and are still making their products?

Anyway enough of me ranting. What products have you fallen back in love with recently?

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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Tigi Dumb Blonde

Tigi Dumb Blonde

Tigi Dumb Blonde

Tigi Dumb Blonde

Around Christmas time when I had some leftover money from family, I decided to treat myself to some expensive haircare to see if it really made a difference to my dyed, brittle, blonde hair. I was out shopping and noticed the Tigi Bed Head Dumb Blonde range in TK Maxx, well only the shampoo but I thought I'd get it anyway. I paid around £10 for it which is way more than I'd usually pay but I figured for a huge 750ml, it will last me forever.

I've been using this on and off now since Christmas time and I have to say I'm pretty disappointed. Tigi Dumb Blonde retails for around £18 for the salon size (750ml) so I still got a bit of a bargain. The scent of the shampoo is an important factor when I re-purchase them and general usage and I do really like this. It tends to linger in my hair but it depends what conditioner or mask I team it with.

As for the colouring side which is what the product is marketed at. It's not brightened my hair in any way or made it last longer in between, but maybe that's just me. The one massive negative to this shampoo? It makes my hair so knotty!! I'm not one that usually gets knotty hair so I know it's definitely down to this shampoo. I've started to brush my hair in between shampooing and conditioning stages to try and reduce this along with de-tangling products but it's more effort than it's worth. I'll be glad when I eventually use this up but I'm currently using this every other wash as Neal & Wolf is my current favourite!

Overall a bit of a disappointment but I wanted to tell you all just in case the Tigi Dumb Blonde range has caught your eye recently. Is there any hair recommendations that I should try? I'm booked in to have my hair done again in a couple of weeks and hopefully I'm attempting the ombre look so my hair shouldn't be quite so damaged!

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Sunday, 12 May 2013


Hey everyone, I just wanted to inform you all about an exciting challenge I've got for the next fortnight. I am taking part in the Escentual Micellar Blind Trial which if you haven't heard all about, then keep on reading. I am a big fan of the famous Bioderma cleanser and find it does everything I need, but I am keen to find out whether it is the best micellar water in my eyes when the brand isn't there. There are 7 samples labelled a-g and I am testing them out for the next 2 weeks. So far I've only trialled sample A and I will be revealing all my results in one go once the 2 weeks is up so stay tuned!

I can't wait for my results to be shown and hopefully we all can choose the ultimate micellar water! The survey will be based upon their smell, waterproof makeup removal, texture, comfort, colour of skin and more. My notes have already begun and I'm trying to be as descriptive as possible and using each water for 2 days each to get a fair test.

The waters on trial are:
Dior Instant Cleansing Water
Nuxe Micellar Cleansing Water with Rose Petals
Caudalie Make-Up Remover Cleanser Water
Avene Micellar Lotion Cleanser and Make-Up Remover
La Roche-Posay Physiological Micellar Solution
Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micelle Solution
Vichy Purete Thermale Calming Cleansing Micellar Solution

I have loved most Caudalie and Avene products I've tried so will this remain the case? Let's see! I'll definitely be intrigued to see the big reveal for each sample!

Is anyone else taking part in the #micellarblindtrial? Keep checking for updates on the Twitter hashtag for more details!

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