Friday, 12 April 2013

Along Came Betty Bronze Me Up Review

Along Came Betty Bronze Me Up - £7.99 Tesco*

Hey everyone, hope you’re all ok! I thought I’d show you a brand and product that you may not be too familiar with that I’ve been trying out lately. It’s the Along Came Betty Bronze Me Up which is a lovely bronzer and highlighter 2 in 1. The bronze shade is quite light so maybe not ideal for those already with darker skintones and wanting to use for contouring. However, since I’m extremely pale, this works well for me to contour and a general overall bronze glow. The bronze has got a little shimmer, but nothing too obvious. The highlighter is a lovely shade though and I find using my Real Techniques contour brush is small enough to pick up the product and dust it lightly on the tops of my cheekbones.

I really like Along Came Betty’s products. They are available in Tesco which is great when you’re doing your shopping and you can throw in a few treats too, doesn’t make it feel as much of a chore! I’ve got their bubble bath too (forgot the name oops!) but it makes tons of bubbles makes my skin really soft which is always a bonus. They’re reasonably priced and I’ve seen a few gift sets for around £3-4 on the Tesco Direct website, currently out of stock though so keep an eye on them here.

The price for Along Came Betty Bronze Me Up is £7.99 which isn’t too cheap but I prefer the likes of Sleek contour kit which also contains a bronzer and highlighter and is a bargain £6.49 for the quality. Overall I do like the product, but I don't love it. I'd definitely recommend having a look next time you shop in Tesco, or online to see what bargains they have at the moment. I've seen quite a few offers on the brand so it's worth checking out. 

Have you tried Along Came Betty products?
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  1. I love your photo quality!
    I like seeing different products like this. In the US, we don't have these brands.

    1. Ah thanks Thania! Me too, but in the US you have tons more that I'd love to try! :) x

  2. Our nearest big tesco is like half an hour away which is a shame. This looks like a lovely product. Looks pretty, shame it's only like not love.

    1. I wish mine was to be honest! I have 3 within 5 minutes - it's ridiculous but it gives me no choice where to shop! xx

  3. Hey flower - I love your picture quality, how fab! Also, when did Tesco start doing make up? Have I been living under a rock? Considering I'm more of an Asda girl, I can sort of make an exception but cool! I'll definitely be taking a little peep when I'm next over that end of the woods.

    Lots of love ✿

    1. Hey Jayde - Love your name by the way! Thank you! They do quite a bit of makeup actually, some good, some not so good but it's trial and error trying them! I love Asda too but it's worth checking out for sure :) xx


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