Friday, 1 March 2013

Yankee Candle Vanilla Cupcake Review

Yankee Candle Vanilla Cupcake Review

Hey everyone, hope you’re all ok. I thought I’d do a lifestyle post today about one of my favourite things at the moment. It was actually a Valentines gift from my Boyfriend but I have already smelt this gorgeous Yankee Candle before. If any of you are well into candles like I am, you will probably agree there is no other candles like Yankee Candles. I’ve recently tried out one of the Neom candles that I also reviewed last month. As pretty as it is, I found the scent didn’t linger as much as the Yankee Candles do. Even their tiny candles give off quite a bit of scent!

Vanilla Cupcake is one of my new favourite Yankee Candles but I always love to try new ones, Fluffy Towels being next on my list. I love clean, fresh smelling scents usually but for an evening pamper and relaxation, there is nothing better than lighting this with a nice hot bath to go with it. Vanilla is easily one of my favourite scents and is usually my car scent of choice too. Yankee Candles are pricey, but well worth it trust me! I have the large jar which burns for around 85-90 hours. I use it sparingly though and in the meantime, use up my beloved Ikea candles.   
Do you love Yankee Candles as much as me? Which is your favourite scent, do you have any recommendations?

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  1. I have this candle and it smells so good!! Best candle ever! :) ♥

  2. I have bought a car freshener with the vanilla cupcake fragrance for my boss, I could feel that gorgeous smell even having unpacked :-) gonna buy for myself as soon as I buy my new car x

  3. Have this myself and absolutely love it! The scent is the perfect vanilla and love how it fills the room :) x

  4. Yankee candles are the best :)
    Thanks for the post :D

    Rachel @ AMomentInTime.

  5. I love the cleaner scents too, Clean Cotton is my favourite with Fluffy Towels a close second and Loves Me, Loves Me Not third!


  6. literally one of my favourite candle scents from Yankee, and clean towels and fluffy towels is on tha list too, and cinnamon one.

    lets face it i have favourites from all the category of scents lol

    BreezeyBee Blog

  7. it must smell gorgeous! :*

  8. Aaaah this is my favourite one but my mum can't stand the smell of vanilla so i can't ever get it haha x

  9. gorgeous style, adoring your blog miss!
    would love to see you in casper&pearl one day!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  10. I love these candles too, this one sounds particularly yummy

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)

    p.s. I’ve given the blog a bit of a face lift!



  11. Ahhh, I love yankee candles! I haven't smelled that particular one yet but I'm sure it sounds wonderful!


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