Thursday, 14 March 2013

Bye Bye Google Reader

Hey everyone, just a quick heads up for those that haven't already seen.

Google have announced that they are shutting down Google Reader which I am so, so sad about. I use a lot of Google Reader incorporated apps on my iPad to follow blogs such as Feedly (which is amazing by the way!) but a popular way that has spread my Twitter feed today is Bloglovin. I've had Bloglovin for ages but never really used it much (if truth be told I prefer Hellocotton) but Bloglovin have given in to demand and created a way of importing all your Google Reader blogs into Bloglovin. It's super easy, even I can do it so if you don't want to lose your blogs then look here. I have also linked Tiny Paint Pot's tutorial on how to do it which is easy to follow.

If you're unhappy like me about this sad news, sign this petition here and be sure to Tweet and Facebook it etc! As always, there are other ways of following me which are always linked in my sidebar. She Said Beauty also links my posts here, I'm pretty lonely on there too so come say hello!

Any questions feel free to comment. I will be back with posts soon, I have taken a short break as I was very uninspired but I have lots to talk about, as well as lots of photos to take so bear with me! I'll be back soon :)

For now, follow me on Bloglovin here!

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  1. Is Google Reader the same like Google Friend Connect? Because I'm a little confused now... what has GFC to do with Google Reader? Hmmm

    1. No it's not the same but they go hand in hand. Eventually they will phase out GFC as they have threatened to a few times which is a shame :( x

  2. I LOVE YOU FOR THIS. I was sitting here actually adding each one by one. I was getting depressed and annoyed. And then I decided to go through and read today's posts. Lol. Should've done it the other way around. So happy that I read this! Have a great day!

    1. Aww haha no problem! No need to panic though, I'm just being organised in advance to make people aware :) have a lovely rest of your weekend! x


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