Saturday, 16 March 2013

A very honest review

Hey everyone, hope you're all ok. It's been a whirlwind few weeks but finally I'm back on track now. I got a new car last weekend (hooray) as my old one was just far too unreliable so that's a happy note! I'm getting totally sick of the cold weather now, hurry up Summer! I wanted to do a review today and unfortunately, it's not a happy one. I've bought several things from Fragrance Direct before as they have really cheap items and I'm always sceptical when things are "too" cheap. My theory is that it's out of date items or factory seconds but in this case, the product itself I believe is the reason for the price tag. I'll get straight into it as this may be a long one! Oh and before we start, all the products I bought are £1.99 each.

The first item I chose was the Dainty Doll concealer in shade 001. I chose this as I like to have a light concealer, this is way too light but that's my fault not the product. Dainty Doll products are catered to us fellow pale skinned girls but I didn't realise how pale they went! The concealer itself, let's just get this out there, it's horrible! It's cakey, feels really dry and looks a mess under my eyes which is the reason I bought it. Yes it is only £1.99 but I'd much rather use that money on something I'll use than throw away. The pigmentation is very poor, I have to drag my finger to even get any amount of product. Normally I'd say maybe it's just a dodgy product that I got but as for the other 2 products...

Next up is the Dainty Doll powder blush in 004. This looked a gorgeous shade online, although I couldn't find any swatches to go off. The powder blusher is quite a bit bigger than the cream blusher I bought although I've no idea why. The shade itself when swatched is a little like the Sleek Rose Gold or Nars Orgasm if I likened it to anything. It irritated my skin and gave me a bit of a rash so I removed it immediately and haven't worn it since. The shade is way too glittery on my skin and made me look like a barbie doll - not a good look!

Last but not least is the cream blusher in 002. This is probably the "best" out of all the products but still not a wearable product. The shade isn't dissimilar to the powder blusher above which was a bit of a let down too. The pigmentation is not great but I don't have to fight to get any product onto my finger/brush at least. I can't say the lasting power because it just didn't suit me so I removed it and applied something else.

Overall I'm massively let down and I thought I'd tell you my Fragrance Direct/Dainty Doll story, even if it was a negative one. Maybe I did get rubbish products but the worst by far I've ever tried is the concealer.

Dainty Doll products start from £0.99 at Fragrance Direct here if you want to try them for yourself. RRP £10.50+

Have any of you bought anything from Fragrance Direct? What do you think of the Dainty Doll products?

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  1. thank you for this review, i was tempted to get something before! xx

  2. I've heard a bunch of negative things. Sucks, for such good packaging! | nyc style blog

  3. Maybe they are just getting rid, I've read loads of rubbish reviews of DD!


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