Sunday, 17 March 2013

Holy Grail Makeup Products

Hey everyone, hope you've all had a lovely weekend so far. I've been ill most of it and feel even worse today so I'm staying in bed today and reading blogs! I wanted to do a post for a long time telling you about my holy grail make-up items that I will re-purchase over and over. They are all fairly new to my collection but I've already re-purchased a few over and over (crazy make-up lady much?!).

There are only 2 foundations that I can say I absolutely love. I've tried many more in between both and the shade has been all wrong for my skin tone and the finish. The foundation and concealer duo on the left is the Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance Foundation and Concealer. I reviewed this here so I won't go into too much detail but I equally love the concealer in the lid. Wish it was sold separately but I'd happily buy both! I have shade Porcelain which is an amazing match, I don't tan naturally in Summer so I mainly stay the same shade throughout the year.

Another foundation is the No7 Stay Perfect foundation. I bought this when the No7 match made service was released last year. I was sceptical but as soon as I was matched I was impressed. Same applies as above, this hasn't changed in Winter or Summer so I can keep it for longer, one bonus of being a pale girl all year round I guess!

I have 2 mascaras that I love, although I do like the Maybelline Falsies, I just don't have it at the moment. Maybelline are generally a fail-safe choice for mascara and I've always loved them since I first experimented with make-up over 10 years ago. The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara is great for volume for my tiny lashes. The Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara is what I use on my first coat, the Maybelline Colossal on the second coat. I find the Rimmel Lash Accelerator is great for separating my lashes and lengthening.

My second favourite concealer is the Collection (2000) Lasting Perfection. I've used this for a while now and went off it for a bit until I used others and realise the shade and formula beats no others for my dark circles. It's cheap and cheerful, I love it!

Illamasqua are a brand I'd wanted to try for so long and bought this online on a whim after not doing much research which considering it's not cheap (£18), it was a bit of a gamble. Promise is the perfect pink "pop" of colour for me and it can be built up for a strong look or used under foundation if you want a real subtle hint of colour. I use a stippling brush to apply this, hence the shoddy packaging but hey we can't have it all. The lasting power is second to none and I'll happily re-purchase this over and over.

Urban Decay Basics palette is another great investment. It's the only palette I go to daily and I use all the colours except the black shade, unless I'm going on a night out/date night. They're all so wearable and matte shades which I prefer. I've nearly hit pan on the Venus shade (lightest on the left) which makes me sad as it's obviously my favourite. I've done a more in depth review here if you'd like to take a look.

Last but not least is my favourite powder and favourite powder blusher. Mac Peony Petal is a discontinued shade which I found in a CCO (Cosmetics Company Outlet) last year. Again, it's just the most amazing pink shade to make me look more alive and I'll be sad when I hit pan on this. Anyone know of any similar shades by the way to Peony Petal??

Rimmel Stay Matte...ahh I'm sure you've all heard about this cult powder. I didn't used to use powder until a few months ago but I kind of regret using it. The more I've used it when I didn't need to, I've found the more shiny I get?! Ironic. It mattifies my skin when I need it to and doesn't last more than 5 hours on me but I don't usually need it to.

What are your holy grail makeup items?

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Saturday, 16 March 2013

A very honest review

Hey everyone, hope you're all ok. It's been a whirlwind few weeks but finally I'm back on track now. I got a new car last weekend (hooray) as my old one was just far too unreliable so that's a happy note! I'm getting totally sick of the cold weather now, hurry up Summer! I wanted to do a review today and unfortunately, it's not a happy one. I've bought several things from Fragrance Direct before as they have really cheap items and I'm always sceptical when things are "too" cheap. My theory is that it's out of date items or factory seconds but in this case, the product itself I believe is the reason for the price tag. I'll get straight into it as this may be a long one! Oh and before we start, all the products I bought are £1.99 each.

The first item I chose was the Dainty Doll concealer in shade 001. I chose this as I like to have a light concealer, this is way too light but that's my fault not the product. Dainty Doll products are catered to us fellow pale skinned girls but I didn't realise how pale they went! The concealer itself, let's just get this out there, it's horrible! It's cakey, feels really dry and looks a mess under my eyes which is the reason I bought it. Yes it is only £1.99 but I'd much rather use that money on something I'll use than throw away. The pigmentation is very poor, I have to drag my finger to even get any amount of product. Normally I'd say maybe it's just a dodgy product that I got but as for the other 2 products...

Next up is the Dainty Doll powder blush in 004. This looked a gorgeous shade online, although I couldn't find any swatches to go off. The powder blusher is quite a bit bigger than the cream blusher I bought although I've no idea why. The shade itself when swatched is a little like the Sleek Rose Gold or Nars Orgasm if I likened it to anything. It irritated my skin and gave me a bit of a rash so I removed it immediately and haven't worn it since. The shade is way too glittery on my skin and made me look like a barbie doll - not a good look!

Last but not least is the cream blusher in 002. This is probably the "best" out of all the products but still not a wearable product. The shade isn't dissimilar to the powder blusher above which was a bit of a let down too. The pigmentation is not great but I don't have to fight to get any product onto my finger/brush at least. I can't say the lasting power because it just didn't suit me so I removed it and applied something else.

Overall I'm massively let down and I thought I'd tell you my Fragrance Direct/Dainty Doll story, even if it was a negative one. Maybe I did get rubbish products but the worst by far I've ever tried is the concealer.

Dainty Doll products start from £0.99 at Fragrance Direct here if you want to try them for yourself. RRP £10.50+

Have any of you bought anything from Fragrance Direct? What do you think of the Dainty Doll products?

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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Bye Bye Google Reader

Hey everyone, just a quick heads up for those that haven't already seen.

Google have announced that they are shutting down Google Reader which I am so, so sad about. I use a lot of Google Reader incorporated apps on my iPad to follow blogs such as Feedly (which is amazing by the way!) but a popular way that has spread my Twitter feed today is Bloglovin. I've had Bloglovin for ages but never really used it much (if truth be told I prefer Hellocotton) but Bloglovin have given in to demand and created a way of importing all your Google Reader blogs into Bloglovin. It's super easy, even I can do it so if you don't want to lose your blogs then look here. I have also linked Tiny Paint Pot's tutorial on how to do it which is easy to follow.

If you're unhappy like me about this sad news, sign this petition here and be sure to Tweet and Facebook it etc! As always, there are other ways of following me which are always linked in my sidebar. She Said Beauty also links my posts here, I'm pretty lonely on there too so come say hello!

Any questions feel free to comment. I will be back with posts soon, I have taken a short break as I was very uninspired but I have lots to talk about, as well as lots of photos to take so bear with me! I'll be back soon :)

For now, follow me on Bloglovin here!

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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Melvita Moisturizing Rose Nectar

Melvita Moisturising Rose Nectar
Melvita Moisturizing Rose Nectar* - £24
Hey everyone. Hope you're all having a good week so far. The good news is we're nearly halfway through! I wanted to share a new love with you today in the form of Melvita Moisturizing Rose Nectar. It's basically a simple moisturiser. Any long time readers will probably know I hate rose scented anything, but this is quite mellow and it settles quickly on your skin so if like me, you hate the smell, don't fret as it soon goes!

The moisturiser itself is a tad thicker than my usual Nivea primer but as long as I leave an extra few minutes to settle before applying makeup, it's a great base for my foundation. The sample size is handy enough for travelling and the packaging is still really cute too. I was impressed, until I saw the price for the full size (£24). I go through moisturiser like it's nobody's business at the moment with my dry skin too. Using Simple and Nivea skincare is enough to combat my dermatitis and dehydrated skin (and much cheaper!). I wish beauty products weren't so expensive!

Rose floral water is one of the main ingredients in the Moisturizing Rose Nectar which I hadn't heard of up until then. Rose floral water acts as a direct source of hydration, while the extract of fresh roses helps to hold in the skin's natural moisture. Rose Nectar is 100% organic and provides up to 24 hour hydration - that's a big claim! You can read all about it on the feelunique site here. I'd recommend the Moisturizing Rose Nectar for anyone with dry/normal skin, unless you use it as a night cream, in which case all skin types should be fine with it if you add an extra layer or 2. I'm not completely sold to purchase it, but I like the fact that the ingredients are organic!

Have you tried Melvita Skincare? What's your favourite day moisturiser?

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Friday, 1 March 2013

Yankee Candle Vanilla Cupcake Review

Yankee Candle Vanilla Cupcake Review

Hey everyone, hope you’re all ok. I thought I’d do a lifestyle post today about one of my favourite things at the moment. It was actually a Valentines gift from my Boyfriend but I have already smelt this gorgeous Yankee Candle before. If any of you are well into candles like I am, you will probably agree there is no other candles like Yankee Candles. I’ve recently tried out one of the Neom candles that I also reviewed last month. As pretty as it is, I found the scent didn’t linger as much as the Yankee Candles do. Even their tiny candles give off quite a bit of scent!

Vanilla Cupcake is one of my new favourite Yankee Candles but I always love to try new ones, Fluffy Towels being next on my list. I love clean, fresh smelling scents usually but for an evening pamper and relaxation, there is nothing better than lighting this with a nice hot bath to go with it. Vanilla is easily one of my favourite scents and is usually my car scent of choice too. Yankee Candles are pricey, but well worth it trust me! I have the large jar which burns for around 85-90 hours. I use it sparingly though and in the meantime, use up my beloved Ikea candles.   
Do you love Yankee Candles as much as me? Which is your favourite scent, do you have any recommendations?

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