Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Radox Berry Burst

Radox Berry Burst - RRP £1.99 | £0.90 Wilkinsons | £0.99 Boots (Special Offer)
Hey everyone, new post today about something a little different, shower cream. We all use shower/bath gel at some point and I had seen the new Radox shower creams pop up on blogs but didn't think too much of it until I saw it for a bargain price of 90p in Wilkinsons! I love that shop by the way. I didn't even realise I had one nearby so that's going to be a new regular!

There are 3 new addtions in total, Berry Burst, Coconut Kiss and Cherry Blast. All smelt absolutely amazing, but I whittled it down to one since I told myself I don't actually need any more bath products! My Boyfriend got the coconut one though so I can always steal that.. Usually I find these sort of products smell amazing but seem to disappear quickly into the skin then have an overpowering scent that fades behind. In this case it stays for quite a bit, but doesn't stay on your skin once you jump out of the bath/shower which is a shame but it's only cheap so I wasn't expecting much!

The smell is a tad like Starburst, does anyone else agree with me?! (for those outside the UK, you need to try them and Google!) Radox Berry Burst and Coconut Kiss are both shower creams whereas the Cherry Blast is a gel so I'd be intrigued to see if the Cherry Blast is just as moisturising as the others. Berry Burst feels very nourishing and creamy and is a good combination when shaving too!

I'd definitely re-purchase these if I spotted them, but I'm far too fickle with bath products and love trying new things! Next on my list is Cherry Blast for sure.

Have you tried Radox's new shower products?

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  1. I love Wilkinsons too haha! They do such cute baking stuff, very Cath Kidston esque!

    http://hannahrebekahcampbell.blogspot.com xx

    1. Ooh I'll have to look out for them then! Thanks for the heads up :) x

  2. This sounds lovely! :)
    Will be adding this to my list of things to try!


    1. Definitely! It's an amazing shade and it's made me want to try a lot more Illamasqua products x

  3. Love Radox products! This sounds great, I will definitely pick this up! :) ♥

  4. I would probably have bought this solely for the bright pink packaging, if only we had this brand here! I always have trouble finding nice smelling products that actually stay on the skin after showering x


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