Tuesday, 26 February 2013

LP Skin Therapy

LP Skin Therapy L-R Uplifting Facial Water, Multi-Task Day Cream, Overnight Replenish Cream*

Hi everyone, I’ve recently been trying out some new skincare products that I wanted to tell you about that are coming soon to QVC, a channel I love to secretly watch too often to look out for bargains, especially Daniel Sandler products! The products I’ve been testing are some products from the Dr. Linda LP Skin Therapy Anti-Ageing Starter Kit.

The Starter Kit contains 6 deluxe samples which would be perfect for travelling, holidays or even a gift, Mother’s Day is just around the corner too Ladies! The kit contains 3 weeks worth of product and I’d say that’s quite accurate from what I’ve been testing out although some could easily last longer. The range is different to some others of late as it’s not led by your skin type, it’s about addressing underlying causes of skin deterioration, in most cases is stress. Dr. Linda developed this range herself which personally makes me trust the ingredients that’s going into the product.

So that’s a little bit about the kit itself, the link is here on the LP Skin Therapy website and it will be on QVC on Thursday 28th on Alison Young’s Beauty Fix so look out for that!

I’ve been using the Multi-Task Day Cream and Overnight Replenish Cream for about a week now but wanted to tell you my initial thoughts. The day cream is lovely and makes me feel quite soft, I wouldn’t say it’s a great base for my makeup personally as it can be quite sticky and make me look a tad oily. Although that being sad, if I wasn’t going to be wearing much, or any makeup that day I’d gladly mix this with something like the Origins Vitazing which gives me a bit colour than normal. I’m not a huge fan of the scent but as the cream settles pretty quickly the smell doesn’t stay for long.

The size of the sample is 15ml which doesn’t sound very much but I think 3 weeks is accurate for this product, especially for daily use. This isn’t something I’d purchase the full size of but let me tell you about the other products first.

The Overnight Replenish Cream is a bit of a treat for me. I don’t normally have such rich moisturisers on overnight but I wanted to try this out for as long as possible before reviewing. Up until today I’ve used this for about 5 nights and must say my skin does feel a lot better. It's basically a rich moisturiser that you slather on, well I do anyway, then in the morning you wake up with baby soft skin. I've been looking for an overnight treatment or at least moisturiser for a while that's targeted for ant-ageing (hey I want to stay 22 for as long as possible!). I'd buy the full size of this.

Last but not least is the Uplifting Facial Water, this is my favourite product of the lot! This is suitable for all skin types which is great as mine is in the middle of so many at the moment, I'm having a bit of a skin crisis! I don't know about you, but the sound of using Gold on my skin makes me feel pretty luxurious!

I spray this directly onto my face usually for a few different reasons. If my skin is feeling a little irritated and red, which happens a lot then I just spray this on to settle my skin which happens within minutes provided I leave it. I also use this to set my makeup once I've completely finished which feels quite refreshing but also doesn't move my makeup in any way. I will definitely be purchasing the full size of this as I think this is way better than the likes of Caudlie Beauty Elixir and the Elf spray. I'm intrigued to see what Dr. Linda has to say on the show as to how these can help improve stress so I'll be watching!

Will you be tuning into QVC on Thursday at 4pm? Have you tried any of Dr. Linda's LP Skin Therapy range?

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  1. I got some of these samples too but I couldn't stand the uplifting facial water, the product was lovely but I hated the scent anywhere near my face!


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