Saturday, 2 February 2013

Betrousse Christmas Kit

Betrousse Christmas Kit* - In stock @ Betrousse RRP £9.00 here.
Hello everyone, long time no speak! I'm finally getting back into a routine and lighting is still quite precious but it's kind of light ish in the morning and starting to get there in the evenings so it's giving me some time to take photos. This week has been quite an easy one with me and my Boyfriend booking a holiday to Morocco on Thursday. We're not going until my Birthday in September which feels like aages off, but it's something to look forward to!

Albeit delayed, I wanted to show you Betrousse's Christmas kit* with some lovely products that I've been trying out this month so I'll get straight into it. Betrousse is a beauty box that is different to normal boxes as it contains only full sized products and they focus on French skincare. I have spoke about Betrousse in more detail here if you'd like to read more about their first box I tried out.

L-R - Skinetica Anti-Blemish Liquid, Saffron London Crack Nail Polish, Betrousse Temporary Tattyoo
First off is the Skinetica liquid which I was unsure about when I first saw the bottle but it's actually something I've used quite a few times this week due to rare breakouts. Boo! It's a very strong horrible scented liquid that you pour onto a cotton pad and wipe all over your face. It doesn't sting too much, which I do weirdly like the feel of but you can feel it working. It's not greasy in the slightest and doesn't have any harsh chemicals. I've noticed an improvement in my skin since using this product, but not a fast improvement. Not something I'd look into buying myself, but glad I've tried it.

The Saffron London Cracking Nail Polish is also something I wouldn't usually go for as it's quite gothic so I actually gave this to my Sister but she loves it!

Tattoos aren't something I'm personally a fan of although I used to love temporary tattoos when I was younger (didn't we all?). I love the fact they've customised them to have Betrousse on them, but I think the age range this is advertised at is quite out as I'm unsure how many people over the age of 18 would use these? Cute idea though and can give these to my Niece.
A quite shocking addition to the box is the Turboslim Chronoactiv weight loss tablets which I have seen quite frequently in Boots and other pharmacies and although I am curious myself, I have given these to my Boyfriend who has made good use of them. They don't contain any nasties but I am personally against taking weight loss tablets as they don't agree with me and I'm hopeless at taking tablets for a start. These retail at £29.99 which makes the box on its' own a massive bargain! The blue pills do look a little like a sexual stimulate, which made my Boyfriend a bit wary haha.

My favourites of the box are the last 3 products that I want to show you. First of, the Belle Nigelle Relaxing Massage Cream! Who doesn't love massages? The packaging is really sleek and the cream isn't greasy and absorbs pretty quickly (I obviously needed to use it asap for blogging purposes...) It smells like spas, aromatic and oriental scented. The tub is pretty big so this will last ages. Not something I'd think about buying but that's the point of beauty boxes I guess.

Montagne Jeunesse is my favourite face mask brand and one that never lets me down. I've already tried this face mask before and I received the Dead Sea Mud Spa mask which I have previously reviewed here if you like to take a look in more detail.

Overall I think this box is quite disappointing, although I received it after Christmas, I still hoped for Christmas themed products but still some great products in there. The box is now £9, I think it started at £19 so a bargain if you like the look of these products. I'll look forward to their next box in the meantime and I'm sure my Boyfriend will hope for more of the Turboslim tablets too to pass on!

Do you purchase beauty boxes regularly? What do you like the most about this box?

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  1. I would love to try that massage cream, love all those aromatic smells :) would love if you could pop over to my blog and follow back if you enjoy it :)

    katie xxx


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