Saturday, 5 January 2013

Stila Custom Colour Self Adjusting Pink Blusher

Hey everyone, I'm blogging today from my iPad from a snazzy new app. It may sound stupid but it's so much handier to blog from my iPad rather than my laptop for convenience, I can take it anywhere with me when I have a few spare minutes. I took these photos whilst I was home during the day and it was light for a change (bring on summer).

I recently got the beautiful Stila Custom Colour Self Adjusting blusher in shade pink. I saw it a while ago in Boots but didn't quite want to spend the money on it but then I saw a lovely sale at Beautybay isn't a website I've shopped at before but their delivery was super fast even over the festive period. Stila is a brand I like, but wouldn't say I love it. I knew the self adjusting part of the title would be a bit of a big claim, but maybe that's just my sceptical side.

The shade itself is my perfect colour. I always go for pinks rather than coral shades as I think they suit my pale skin tone better. The shade is really, really bright as it looks and it didn't quite adjust to my skintone but stayed pretty bright all day. I went to the gym unbeknowingly looking a bit like a doll, which was unfortunate but now I know not to apply as much. As I started to blend it with my fingers to make me look less of a barbie doll, it kind of disappeared on my cheeks but since this was after about 6 hours wear maybe that was the reason.

The packaging is simple and cute but is a bit flimsy and with my clumsiness I'm sure ill snap the lid off eventually. I'm not sure this will replace my beloved MAC Peony Petal though but I'll give it a few more wears before I make my decision. At £13 it's not cheap but considering the longevity it's good value. I won't be repurchasing this due to the fact I love trying new blushers and I'm far too fickle!

Have you tried Stila's Self-Adjusting Custom Colour Blush?

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  1. I quite like stila too. I have a few of the products and the foundation is brilliant!xo

    1. Oh really, I'll have to look into the foundation! I've not seen any reviews on that actually :) x

  2. Very pretty colour :)

  3. Lovely colour!! I love Stila! :) ♥

  4. I've never tried stila before. It's actually not available in Dubai... I heard that their eyeliners are good.


  5. beautiful colour. I love blushers alot! will look into this! :)
    hareem x

  6. I have never tried any self-adjusting products tbh because I don't think they can really work! xo


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