Thursday, 19 December 2013

Manchester Day Out

Christmas is just around the corner so since I've been buying presents for other people and less for myself (who am I kidding, these sales are too good to pass up!), I thought I'd show you some photographs over the last couple of weeks of my trip to Manchester. It's turned into a bit of a tradition with my Boyfriend and I to visit the Manchester markets. This year we moved it to the same date as his birthday and do something special.

Cloud 23 inside The Hilton has the best afternoon tea in the area, so we heard, so we decided to sample some of their Christmas delights! The Afternoon Tea is £19.95 per person and is a lovely treat, purely for the view alone if nothing else! Unlimited tea, coffee or hot chocolate too. Since I don't drink tea or coffee, the hot chocolate was right up my street and it was lovely. For a special occasion I'd defiinitely do it again.

The Manchester Christmas Markets are amazing. Apart from being so busy you can barely move, the atmosphere, food and drink are worth the stress. It was raining for most of the trip so I couldn't take any more photos but these are the best of the bunch. We bought some Macaroons which were the best I've sampled and reasonably priced too. Obviously you can't go without testing out the food stalls so naturally, I persuaded my Boyfriend to get some Dutch pancakes. Wow. I love Nutella and these were covered in them, I need a Dutch pancake maker!!

Have you visited a Christmas Market? Which one do you recommend to try next year? I am going to Germany for a few days on New Years Eve and I wish I'd gone a little earlier to try their markets!

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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Body Shop Preston Event

Remember me? It's been quite a while since I last blogged and so much so, it's nearly Christmas! I've been filled with deadlines over the past few months and I've just finished my final one so hopefully that will free up a little bit more time in the evenings! Last week I attended an event for the first time in ages which was lovely. It was nice to see so many local bloggers, get the chance to nosey over the Christmas Body Shop products and be able to photograph them.

Since I'd only just spent £60 the week before on tons of Christmas presents, it's safe to say I didn't buy anything as I already had most of the store it seemed! We got a lovely gift bag with either a Snowman or Reindeer Washball, 40% off on the night and also a Love Your Body membership card which entitles you to 10% off and a birthday treat so thanks Body Shop Preston!

These are the photos I managed to take and if you're interested then The Body Shop have 50% off online (code 19809) plus free delivery so get them while you can!



I will be doing a review soon on my favourite Limited Edition range as it's only fair to mention it...The Brazil Nut range! Body Shop...if you're reading, please make it into the permanent line so I don't have to go as crazy stocking up.

What is your favourite Christmas Body Shop item? Is anybody else as addicted as me?!

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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Concealer Review

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Review

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Review
Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Concealer - £5.49 Boots
It's been a while since I've posted reviews about make-up hasn't it! I have been a little addicted to lipsticks recently, unfortunately for my bank balance, but I've tried to keep up with the latest products and one of the things I really wanted to try was Seventeen's Phwoarr Paint, the heavy duty concealer. This is known to be a dupe for Benefit's Boi-ing/Erase Paste so I wanted to put it to the test. On a day to day basis I must say, I don't really get that huge bags or dark circles under my eyes but it's nice to know any darkness is well and truly hidden and I look far more awake than I usually am.

Seventeen are another brand really doing well at the moment and considering they're so affordable, it means I get to try out even more of their products. The only negative point about the concealer is it's only available in 2 shades, fair and medium. I chose fair without looking at medium and this is just about right but I could do with a tad lighter. As long as I blend it in completely it isn't noticeable.

The concealer is really thick yet creamy, I'd say it's very similar to the consistency of Daniel Sandler's Invisible Radiance concealer on the top of the packaging that I wish he sold separately! I always get paranoid about my under-eye concealer creasing so I either mix it with an eye cream or make sure it's sunk in really well before applying the concealer. It is as heavy duty as it states, since I very rarely get breakouts I only use it on my undereyes and any redness I want to cover up. On average over the last few days of using it, it's lasted me at least 8 hours with a little powder over the top.

I'm so impressed with this for the price and what's better, I had a voucher from a Boots magazine (which I believe is still in stores and free for advantage card holders) for £1 off any of the Seventeen range so I got it for £4.49!

Have you tried Seventeen Phwoarr Paint?

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Tigi Bed Head Headrush Shine Spray Review

Tigi Bed Head Headrush Review
Tigi Bed Head Headrush Shine Spray - RRP £15.95 -* £9.06
I've got a new review today from an item I found on Since having slightly darker hair recently than I have over the past 5 years or so, I've found it's more of a mission to find shine related products. Having blonde hair meant my hair never looked shiny due to the shade. You get quite a big amount for the price and it looks so nicely on my drawers. The bottle is right up my street, a dark fuschia and a bright green lid. Packaging always draws me in - marketers know how to get people to buy the products!

The product itself is just okay. My mid lengths to the ends are still quite blonde so I guess it's not going to make my hair super shiny, but the roots are my more natural light brown shade right now. It sprays a fine mist, rather than a powerful aerosol type spray, all over my hair which I much prefer! It doesn't make my hair greasy in any way which is always a worry as my roots get oily pretty quickly.

The scent is a little too fruity, so sometimes I've gone over it with my Neal & Wolf Shine Spray which defeats the object of using this. Tigi products generally don't seem to work well with my hair from the few products that I've tried. Hairtrade was the cheapest I found the bottle at £9.06 and they price match items found elsewhere too!

Overall I liked it, but I probably wouldn't re-purchase it. I am still hunting for a really good shine spray but I think the Neal & Wolf pips this by far! Both in scent and shine properties. I'm willing to give Tigi another go though as they've got such a big range.

What are your favourite shine boosting products?

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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Lost inspiration

Hey everyone, it's been one whole month since I last blogged and it seems like forever! Lots has happened in 4 weeks and my whole world has changed. Without dwelling on the negatives, I've missed blogging but didn't want the negativity to come through in my blog so time away was much needed! In the meantime, I turned 23, went to Morocco and also upgraded my camera to a DSLR. I've fallen in love with going out walking and just snapping away so I thought I'd share some of my holiday photos and random photos I've took recently too!

I've missed you all and thanks for sticking around those that are long term readers and hello to the new ones too!


The above photos were all taken in Marrakech, Morocco. It was a lovely place and unfortunately I've been ill ever since with a bad stomach bug but Marrakech is one to visit!

My favourite place to go and watch the world go by, Windermere in the Lake District. So peaceful watching the ducks and birds and I love being near water too.

Amazing birthday present from my Boyfriend. I was so spoilt and shocked. He knows me well and proud he chose it all on his own! It was a lovely day being able to spend it in the sun and just do nothing. Now hunting for our next holiday already. Holiday blues...

Hope you're all ok and hopefully once I'm better normal service can resume!

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