Friday, 21 December 2012

If money was no object...

Achica Wishlist
I wanted to share with you a new obsession of mine. It comes in the form of a website called Achica. I found out about them quite a while ago but obviously didn't really know where to look on their website because I didn't see much I liked and off I clicked. I've seen a few posts lately about their up and coming collections and thought I'd check out any Christmas specials they may be doing.

If you haven't heard of Achica, they are a members only luxury lifestyle store, offering desirable brands at great prices. They run daily shopping promotions and some last up to 72 hours, once this finishes you have to make sure that if you've seen something up and coming that you like the look of, you have to be there early to get the best deals as they go quick. Once they're gone, they're gone. Their promotions start at 6:30am so if there's something good, it's more than likely going to be gone within a few hours. I've seen blogger brand favourites on there like Neom and Rituals, of course always sold out when I go to purchase! :(

My wishlist above is some of the current favourites on today that are nearly all sold out, but these are things I would love to buy. I'm going to be keeping more of an eager eye on their 6:30am promotions in the hope of finding a real bargain! Obviously I wouldn't wake up especially for it, but if I was up early enough then I'll remember to have a quick scout before I leave the house.

Can you tell I have a thing for candles by the way? As for no 6, this was £35 but looks soo comfy! Wouldn't you just love an electric blanket-esque foot warmer, amazing. I've also lusted after the 3 wick Neom candles for quite some time but just can't justify spending £37.50 on a candle...

Have you shopped at Achica before? What do you think about these type of websites?

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