Thursday, 22 November 2012

MUA Artiste Palette

MUA The Artiste Collection Palette - £6 (35% off and free shipping off their site at the moment!)
*I wasn't going to post this until tomorrow but their code ends tomorrow at 2pm so I wanted to give those who wanted to order a reasonable amount of time! :)*

MUA is a brand that seems to keep getting better and better. I'm always sceptical about cheaper brands but I always think I may as well try the products that catch my eye since it's cheap. Course this can add up if you don't end up liking the products, but they're pretty safe.

Recently, one of their new products they released was the MUA The Artiste Collection Palette. I wasn't overly impressed at first since I have tons of blushers, bronzers, eyeshadows etc so to have them in all one palette didn't really bother me. But recently, they had a 35% discount code with free shipping and I caved. I was adding things to my basket and thought hmm that's pretty I bought it.

I'm impressed with it overall but I can't say I've used it an awful lot yet. The downside to the palette is because it's so small (which is also a bonus for travelling), I personally find it hard to use a brush to get the product out. There have been times I've tried to apply bronzer and ended up with a few colours on there, but it's no biggie!

The shades are really good, I don't like the blusher shade on the left, which doesn't show up that well on camera but it's actually quite shimmery. More than anything, I love this for the eyeshadows. My favourite shade is the top left light blue marble eyeshadow. I didn't think I'd like them so I'm happy! They aren't amazing quality, it's only £6 after all but you can't complain.

I think this would be a great little stocking filler or present for someone who loves makeup or maybe a teenage girl starting to use and experiment with makeup, or someone like me who just simply needs to try everything! If you're quick, you can still get 35% off (code linked above on the final picture) and worldwide free shipping - amazing! Let me know if you end up ordering it too :)

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  1. looks soo cute <3 I'm not sure if I would be able to use it :)

  2. This looks fabulous, I need to purchase this xo

    1. Yes definitely! The deal has ended but it's still good value for money x


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